Fabulous Friday 2023, IV & V

Happy weekend and happy February!

Not much going on here. Work, rainy days, I contracted a cold that had me down and out most of this past week.

I did try some fun new nails, they are giving me Space and Zenon vibes.

Our garage door got a new motor so now it opens and closes with the remote rather than trying to run and jump over the sensors and under the door. I’m sooooo excited.

All the rain, so much rain. It’s depressing. Also I want to go check on my baby flowers. They are covered with frost cloth and under the green house tent to protect them from all the rain/root rot.

January reads. Yes I count audiobooks as reading I know some people don’t. I forgot to add stars to my favorites but pretend there’s a star on the first two. The Aubrey Gordon book was also fascinating and taught me somethings I didn’t know about minorities and weight and health.

We saw Hamilton! So well written. Also it rained as we walked to the car and drove home. Sooo much rain, so much cold.

I tired a new soup recipe to deal with the cold. It wasn’t as tasty as our beloved “Ian’s soup” aka Zuppa Toscana. I also made it when I couldn’t taste so seasoning could have been off so maybe it didn’t get a fair shot. There also for obvious not feeling well reasons was no homemade bread to accompany the soup like almost as we lay accompanies “Ian’s soup”.

Lots of good FaceTimes with this little firecracker who discovered Tatie’s bathroom drawer at her house. She apparently applied a cuticle pusher like lipstick and used an eyelash brush to dust the details of this chair.

Grateful for cold, cozy days; garage remotes, and fresh new babies-especially ones related to me.



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