Intentional Living 2020, II

The last days of the first quarter of 2020 are here! That seems crazy! It’s been a busy last week over here.

February To Das:

  • I was able to read 3 books. (Total Money Makeover; Outer Order, Inner Calm; The Four Tendencies)
  • Organized one of my closets. The other one I put off because of moving.
  • Sent a few Valentine’s snail mails.
  • Tracked my exercise and mostly consistently tracking food.
  • Journaled on a not perfect but definitely regular bases.
  • Voted.
  • Found a wellness accountability person.
  • Enjoyed Disney trips. Managed to do better on the planning of life on the return.
  • Excercised 786 minutes.
  • Found a new place to live with a second bathroom and dishwasher and still a view.
  • Started packing. Cleaned out some stuff on the packing end.
  • Grew ranunculus.
  • Worked on meal planning/prepping better.

March plans:

  • Finish packing. Declutter here.
  • Move.
  • Unpack. And also declutter here.
  • Visit Em, so excited.
  • Send snail mails.
  • Exercise (3 yoga and 3 toning per week)
  • Maintain/develop some good sleep hygiene. No matter how much I sleep I never feel quite like it’s enough on nights.
  • Financial check-ins. I have been tracking our spending for a few months using the Everydollar App.
  • Meal prep. I am determined to master this. I did well for one week. This week I ordered a meal prep box for some fresh ideas.
  • Read at least three books.
  • Go to the beach twice.

Happy March!

Fabulous Friday 2019, LII

Happy last Friday of the decade. What?!? I am ready for all the goodness of the Roaring 20s.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season no matter what you celebrate.

We worked the beginning of the week but then we were able to get some time off together to visit family and friends in Atlanta.

We made shrimp on toast and fried shrimp for Christmas dinner for Ryan’s grandmother.

Christmas morning in the Lowcountry was beautiful. I woke up with the sun to work on the gingerbread cinnamon rolls.

I love feel good stories like this.

Even though my team won’t be playing I am excited for some football tomorrow. Unsure who to pull for LSU who beat us to go all the way or my fam jams Clemson or Jalen baby, wouldn’t that be a story for him.

What are you most excited for in 2020?

Happy weekend!



Fabulous Friday 2019, L & LI

Happy Weekend!

I got my permanent crown placed on my broken tooth this week. Dang the broken tooth did not hurt but prepping and placing the crown and the time in between sure did.

I am LOVING this song from She Reads Truth Advent Spotify Playlist, Heaven Everywhere.

We spent some time in Disney with Em and my Mama. We celebrated Christmas, my Mama’s birthday and LIFE, because this trip came so close to not happening.

We saw Santa, visited Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, ate lots of snacks, finally got some homework done, watched our elves play and played until we were exhausted.

I can not believe Christmas is next week. Dang it seems so quick. I’m not going to lie the anticipator in me does not want Christmas to be here. I just love the days leading up, the music, the twinkle lights, the cozy blankets, Christmas movies, present picking out and wrapping, the candles, the Christmas cards and just the general season of warmth and anticipation.

A lovely and impactful Christmas gift by a local BHM business.

Em loved her doll bed. 💗

I am starting a wellness accountability group if you are local to Beaufort and want to join let me know!

I’ve had some days off in a row so I tried to really slow down and savor the season.

I started my Powersheets 2020 prep work. Here is to the Roaring 20s and now I wish I had a NYE party to attend.

Ryan and I ordered pizza and drove around to Christmas lights. Such a fun tradition.

Happy Weekend!

Merry Christmas!



Fabulous Friday 2019, XLII

Happy Weekend! It feels like Fall. It is so glorious.

I took a tour of the Southeast this past weekend. Almost to Mississippi then to North Carolina and back to SC. I got some quality time in my with mini BFF and cousins.

Em and I went to Pepper Place and spent the day together. Such a wonderful little bug. We made a graze board together. Favor? Will you pray for me and this sweet mini BFF? The demons have been raging this week making me feel so guilty about moving away from her. She is always in my heart and mind and we are connected but this week I have just been so worried that I have cause irreversible psychological damage by moving away. Those close to me know the whole story. Its not only mine so I wont elaborate but please just send some good vibes and prayers. Guilt, regret and sadness have been dominating my days lately.

I kept my cousins in CLT. We rode bikes, sang, went to Krispy Kreme and had a delightful time.

I planted 30 Daffodils, 5 Hostas, and 20 Ranunculus in the garden. Getting set for Spring. Working on collecting shells for my shell path. Could we move soon? Yes but I will enjoy it while we are here.

Trying to get the house in tip top shape before I start orientation next week. Also anxiety provoking.

Quite possibly I have a case of the wardrobe syndrome. That is what I refer to when…all the things are causing worry. New job, new people, new unit, new place, NIGHTSHIFT, Em, medical bills. All the things are thrown together rather than being able to compartmentalize them into their own drawer everything gets thrown into the wardrobe. Thus when you open it everything falls out on top of you. And the vicious cycle is in place.

I made the pizza rolls I posted about last week. Delicious again.

It is true. Although I haven’t had Diet Coke or any “Coke” except a ginger ale since October 1.

Cultivate What Matters launched the 2020 Powersheets this week. I ordered the teal one.

We spent some time at the beach yesterday. I actually got cold.

Happy Weekend! And Roll Tide.



Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXVIII

Happy Friday!

This past weekend was jam packed with fun. Hootie and the Blowfish concert, watching my Tide roll, eating at Shealy’s, and seeing family.

It also was packed with turtle nest inventories. The season will soon be over and I want to absorb as much turtle time as I can.

We headed to the Magic for a bit. Give me all the Food and Wine snacks.

Hurricane Dorian kicked up some oyster shells so I gathered some to start my path around my garden.

Some of my favorite Color Street nails.

Happy Weekend!



Tailgate Graze Board

It is one of the most wonderful times of the year, football time! I recently combined two of my favorite things, graze boards and football.

This particular one is loaded up with all things Tigers. Ugh, I can not believe I said or did that but for the love of these two Clemson loving cuties. That being said easily adaptable for any team but in particular Auburn/Clemson/LSU and any other Tigers out there.

I ordered this football platter online. It was the perfect size for the three of us but for a large party you would need more space. For really large parties a few complete but smaller graze boards to spread throughout the party is a great option. This one looks cute too.

Now this board was made for me, a 7 year old and 12 year old, so you definitely can customize to your taste but this is a run down of what we used. Pizza, Harvarti cubes, Ritz, Cheeto Paws (a Tiger gameday essential), Nacho Doritos, Team Spirit Cookie Dough Bites (with orange and purple sprinkles), and Tiger Paw cheddar.

For the Tiger Paw cheddar I used this cute cookie cutter to cut the cheddar pre sliced cheddar squares. They turned out so cute. For non tigers you could grab a football cutter or animal of your choice, maybe use white cheddar instead of yellow/orange.

I ordered the cute green and white stripped cups online and added the football stickers. You could also write or add number stickers like a yard line. These are great for holding items. They wont hold liquid but cookie bites, nuts, olives or the sort.

Happy Tailgating!

Go Teams!

Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXIV

Happy weekend! It has been a packed week over here. Em spent the week with us before school starts back.

We made stepping stones at Hunting Island. If you are visiting the area check the website for available programs and events. HI offers a few craft activities. I can’t wait to try more crafts.

Nails of the week. Color Street Mint To Be and Raise Your Voice.

Em met her first baby turtle this week and a few more. It was so fun to share that experience with her.

I am unsure why in 2019 are we still having animal poaching problems. Poor Green Sea Turtles.

We visited the South Carolina aquarium, Charles Towne Landing and Trader Joe’s with our friend Kaitlyn. While at the aquarium we were able to visit Banazi the turtle rescued on Hunting Island. She is recovering from the shark attack and they anticipate being able to release her.

We made edible cookie dough and I might have created a cookie dough monster.

I bought Em a matching Simplified Planner this year. I wrote love notes, positive affirmations and such throughout. I hope she is able to use it. We talked this summer about listing happy things when you are sad, thinking about a good memory, deep breaths, and listing things you are thankful to have. I personally feel like people in general often forget kids have to be taught coping skills to navigate life. You are not just born knowing. As well as how to name your emotions, feel them and talk through them. I hope it better equips her for life and its inevitable hard times.

I have been diving into the Enneagram more this summer. I found an interesting article on the best types of rest.

A new Kate Spade and Minnie Mouse collection. I need the ring!

Happy Weekend!



Fabulous Friday, XXX

Happy Weekend!

I know it has been silent over here. Stomach problems had me benched at the beginning of July then we were on our Iceland/Norway trip. More on that later.

My little patch of sunshine in thriving.

This week I have slowly unpacked us from our trip.

The ultimate highlight of the week was being the excavator in a nest inventory. Holy, lovely, magical. * I did not actually kiss the turtle or bring it too close to my face.

The sunset behind our house was lovely, Wednesday. This is snapped with my phone and no filter.

We are visiting Emerald Isle and I guest nest sat. So fun. Still waiting on those babies to come.

This mom going off about people at Disney without children is too much. News flash lady people without children are still families. Bless her heart.

I have managed to successfully root more Hydrangeas.

There was a rain cloud providing some beauty on my drive for morning turtle patrol.

Happy Friday!



Fabulous Friday, XXVI

Happy Weekend, friends! I am excited that my favorite month is almost here. July 4th and my birthday.

We had a magical past weekend. We skipped town to spend a few days with Mickey and Minnie. Em and I were so brave, we rode Space Mountain. Poor thing cried and told me she was trying to meditate during it. Well I can not say that I will ride it again any time soon and at least those life skills I have been trying to teach her are some what sinking in. I will do a full recap soon.

Tuesday was a great day on the beach for our turtles. I was blessed enough to relocate these 122 little guys and girls to higher ground. The King Tide comes next week so we are trying hard to keep them safe. A King Tide is a season exceptionally high tide and sea turtles breath air through their egg shells so being washed over too many times can cause them to essentially drown.

The first sessions of Tate Camp have come to a close and I honestly have been lonely without her. I did bring home a friendly sore throat and congested sinuses from the magical Petri Dish. So I have been trying to take it somewhat easy.

I finished By Invitation Only. A good feel good book. Any recommendations for my next reads? We are going on a true vacation soon and I need some ideas, although honestly I usually get more reading done at home than on vacation.

My little flower garden is really taking off. I need to start planning Fall flowers soon.

In case you missed it. I am managing the Hunting Island/Friends of Hunting Island Instagram page so please go give us a follow.

New hair.

Since July 4th is coming up and my birthday, and Ryan is working the next forever and we are lacking friends here…I am planning on making my own kinda magic including this salad from What’s Gaby Cooking and our family’s secret hash recipe.

Happy weekend.



Fabulous Friday, XXV

Happy Friday!We had a fun week. Em and I traveled back to BHM and then back to SC. We got to visit with family and friends.

Of course I stopped by Pepper Place.

I got a smore from Wayne and Cassie at the Birmingham Candy Co. It was amazing! Swing by the Pizitz for their Summer of Smores on Saturdays.

We had a jam packed week. Monday we did the Moonlight lighthouse climb. It was so cool for a different perspective. After only a few tears Em embraced it. On Thursday she climbed with no tears. Yay for being courageous. We also were able to go up into the light room.Tuesday we had turtle day. We were in some filmed footage for the Hunting Island Visitor Center renovations.

I am now managing the Friends of Hunting Island Instagram page. If you are on Instagram give us a follow.We got some fairy hair for summer.

Did some Disney craft projects. Mickey and Minnie’s Birthday celebration outfits was my inspiration.Its no secret that I love Allbirds. I think I might need these Tide Pool colored wool runners for our upcoming trip.

We played in tbe garden and sprinkler. As well as finally a pool trip that lasted longer than five minutes before the thunder came.

I was fortunate enough to spend most of Tuesday night on the beach watching turtles. We saw two mamas. This pictures were taken with just the moon as light.

Please remember to be respectful of sea turtles and never approach a nesting mama unless you are on a guided walk with professionals.I have been listening to the That Sounds Fun Podcast by Annie F Downs. She is one of my favorites and she is doing a EnnaeaSummer special. The Enneagram is also one of my favorite things. I definitely want to do a deep dive blog post on this soon. BUT for now, the Enneagram for those that dont know, is a personality typing system. There are nine numbers. Each with strengths and weaknesses. As with any thing use it for a resource and guide not a “gospel” so to say. Do not let it box you in or define you. But I personally have learned alot about myself. It has even helped me discover some things I can easily see as hard or negative are good and true of me.

ALL that to say if you know and love me and want to know more about my inner workings. Take a listen to the episode from That Sounds Fun on Enneagram six. For a brief but information overview listen to the first ten minutes or so. For a complete deep dive listen to the entire episode and the first ten minute overview of Five as well. I am a six wing five. Again deep dive coming soon.

Happy Weekend! Enjoy.



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