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This past week I joined Beautycounter as a consultant. This is something completely out of my comfort zone (the selling of things I mean) but I thought I would give it a try.

Why Beautycounter you might ask? Well I love their products but even more so I love their mission, which is education and changing the beauty industry to be safer. You can read more about Beuatycounter’s story and mission on the website. You probably, like me, think about what you put into your body as far as foods go but do you think about what you put onto your body as well? The beauty/cosmetic industry is not regulated for safety of the ingredients that products can contain. In fact, the United States has only banned 30 harmful ingredients/chemicals while the European Union has banned over 1,300. Beautycounter’s Never List is a list of over 1,500 products that they do not use due to safety concerns. You can also check out the company’s certifications and associations.

I have been using Beautycounter products since March. I slowly began replacing things in my makeup bag as I ran out and would normally buy a replacement. All of my products not 100% converted to Beautycounter. I plan on it, but do not feel like you have to replace your entire makeup, skin care and body care right this second. That is overwhelming and expensive. Just start small with one or two products and slowly convert over as you cycling through the last of your old products.

You can purchase products directly through the website, at a social, or I can meet with you one on one. If you are local to Birmingham I can gladly get you some samples or even full sized products to try for a few days. We can set up a social for you to host. Do not be intimidated by the word social, I simply mean a get together with 3-5 of your close friends to sample and try products. You can earn free products and 50% off products. Low key, no pressure and fun. There are many different options such as Sip & Samples, Brunch and Beautycounter, Mimosas and Mask, Mommy and Me Playdates, and Girl’s Night Makeovers. We also have the option to do online Facebook parties in which I can mail samples to your out of town friends. Contact me if your interested. I would love to get something on my calendar. The first four people to schedule with me between now and Christmas will get a Hostess gift from me. Local friends: I am also making a stellar all inclusive offer, I provide the clean house, drinks, snacks, Beautycounter products and knowledge. You just show up with 3-5 of your girlfriends for some fun time together.



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