Fabulous Friday 2023, VI, VII, VIII & IX

Happy mid week! I tried to get this written Friday but WordPress made some app changes so it took me til now to get it switched over.

March and welcome to all the spring blooms! Here is basically a recap of February.

I ended January and started February with a cold. It’s been a while since one took me out that badly. I even called into work which is rare for me.

The rest of February was jam packed with travel.

I went to Miami to help my sister and BIL with my niece while my sister was at a conference. We found the time to play and have some good food.

I managed to squeeze in a few days of work. Ryan and I had a low key Valentine’s. We both worked and I left him a big bag of gummy bears on the counter.

One of my ranunculus was thriving but most looked dead like the other pictured. My daffodils are coming in and so are some peonies. Hopefully they stayed strong in all my travels. Has anyone set up a drip system? I need step by step instructions.

What a fun end to February. We took our niece and goddaughter to California. We went to Muir Woods, Monterey Bay for whale watching, drove down PCH through Big Sur, then the last day did a quick speed through some San Fran highlights. It was chilly and the whales were not as plentiful as we hoped but we still had a blast.

This week I’ve been playing with my niece in Dallas. We have taken walks, had tickle sessions (she signs for “more” tickles), cooked soup, and read books!

I went to Hobby Lobby to get some diamond art 40% off but hit the jackpot as much of it was clearance priced. Luckily I have a checked bag that I brought some things here that will stay here so I can put them in the checked bag for the flight home.

February contained some good reads. The Starless Sea was great. I enjoyed The Art of Racing in the Rain WAY more than I anticipated. Verity was suspenseful and good and dark, not my usual cup of tea but I enjoyed it. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow has gotten good reviews around the internet and although I’m not into gaming (and I can’t honestly even pin point what made it so good) but it was a winner as well.

A pilot looped a plane around so both sides could see the Northern Lights, that is pretty cool!

Grateful for travel and fun and also for that getting to sleep in your own bed feeling. Grateful for the opportunity and financial ability to take our niece and goddaughter on an incredible trip. Grateful that my 19 month old niece still loves to snuggle with Tate and her giggles as she asks for more tickles. Also grateful for our Whalefie. (A selfie with a whale) see below!

Happy Midweek!



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