Life Lessons, 1

I’m starting a new series. Life lessons or things they do not teach you in school but should. I hope this helps someone!

Dear Humans,

If you don’t own a fire and water proof safe, do yourself a favor and use some of that hard earned $26 to buy yourself one.

Place in it:
A) An emergency cash stash. 5-10-20-50-100 whatever you have available.
B) Your social security card.
C) Your passport.
D) Your birth certificate or a certified copy.
E) Your vaccine records. You might in today’s digital world wonder why but trust me digital is not foolproof. One day you might be 32 need your records and not have a copy, no doctor office keeps records longer than 10 years.
F) Any savings bonds.
G) One blank, unsigned check for your checking account. F) Any other important documents, such as car title, etc.

If you or your parents feel you are too irresponsible to handle these important documents, step up and get responsible. The quicker you do the better your life will be.

Hide said box well. It can be easily picked up and stolen. So hide it well. Under the bed in another box. In the linen closet in a set of sheets, deep in your closet in a purse or bag.

Keep the keys safe. It comes with two. Separate them put one on your key ring and one in another safe location (NOT in the box or with the box). Just remember where you put it.


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