2022 Intentions

I don’t love resolutions but I do love a fresh start and reflecting, planning. So here are a few things I hope and plan to accomplish this year.

Give blood. I have never done this. I tried once but my anxiety/heart rate was too high. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ To my credit I believe it was before nursing school now I’m accustomed to blood and needles.

Drink more water. I mean isn’t this everyone’s goal. Hats off to you if you are crushing this.

Move my body. Sometimes I get caught up on the yoga/walking isn’t high enough intensity etc. no more just move in a way that feels good. I do aim to do some high intensity but also letting yoga and walking be good enough since they are the movements I enjoy. I would like to try to get to a few aerial classes again.

Replenish the money we took out of our savings/emergency fund for my car. We have one account that’s emergency and like car replacement funds etc. I’d like to aim to replace what we took out for my car in addition to our regular contribution. And or put that money towards paying more down on Ryan’s student loans. Financial long run would probably be best to pay down Ryan’s student loans. I’ll ask Ryan to help figure out if money down is more beneficial than growing our savings which is in stock so it makes money for us.

Put $2k in one special savings account. It’s for a certain thing.

Track every penny we spend.

Purge our stuff. Holy stuff. I thought we downsided and got rid of stuff when we moved from BHM to Beaufort and then when we moved in Beaufort but holy stuff that I had to pack for our recent move. I want to get us unpacked and slowly, mindfully move through purging our things.

On that note, buy less crap. For real the best way to decrease the amount of stuff in our house is to buy less stuff. Be intentional and really think about will it be cherished and used. On that note also buy other people consumable gifts, something they ask for specifically or experiences. Request that people do the same for us. Don’t feel guilty about donating stuff we won’t use or that we do not cherish or is special to our family.

Shop less at Amazon. I feel like I’ve done better at this in the past but this Christmas and in the middle of the move really amped it up. But alas a season and time for everything. This Christmas just wasn’t one of beautifully wrapped gifts and locally shopped items. I barely had my nose above water with the move and nightshift. And honestly in the short time we have been in 2022 I’m learning I might have to use Amazon more than I’d like. Finding groceries here is hard. Even random things like freeze dried raspberries and hangers.

Have less food waste thus save money on groceries.

Aim to only use a max of two rolls of paper towels for the entire 2022. We have reusable napkins that we frequently use but there is still room for improvement on the disposable products. I hate that Covid in general made the world revert back to disposable things. Humans had made great progress.

Buy no candles, wrapping paper, nail polish (besides maybe a few color streets but I really need to work through what I already own), bath/shower products until I completely use what I have.

Read at least 52 books. Mostly for free, by swapping with friends and using the library.

Hang two or three wall bookshelves to have seasonal displays. Normally you see this in children’s rooms. One of my favorite Instagram follows (@beginathome) changes out her kids books for the seasons and I LOVE this so much I thought just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean I can’t display my adult books in a fancy way and also some of the children’s books I have. I’ve already ordered two shelves from Etsy. I’ll see how they fit the space and possibly order a third later.

Clean and deep clean on a regular schedule thus making a move out clean easier.

Continue my Fabulous Friday blog post. I fell off mid year and definitely love this as a memory keeper.

Complete the photo organizing class and do it. As well as maintain.

Print 2020 and 2021 photo books by July 31.

See belugas in the wild. Summer Canada? We have seen Right whales, Orcas, plenty of Humpbacks and as of this summer two Blues. Belugas are one of the cutest. For our first dating anniversary Ryan surprised me with the Beluga encounter at the GA Aquarium. But I really want to see them in the wild.

Freeze fresh roasted tomatoes in summer for winter homemade soup.

Use Self Care Society membership. I had this membership last year as well but didn’t use it as often as I’d like. They now record the sessions which should be more helpful for accessing at a time convenient for me.

Continue to give through #rileykateslovies and when I feel the nudge. We don’t do a big charitable donation but I do try to give to people I feel need it when I can. Usually I love to do the big 25 acts at Christmas but that was toned down this year just simply because we were in the middle of moving.

Find a green space in Tuscaloosa that’s easy to access and safe. Spend time there. When leaving Beaufort I found myself thinking I wish we had done x more. And while Covid prevented some things, some were just on me. So when making the final moving drive to Bama I thought if we move in a year or two what will I wish we had done. I feel like spending time at the beach was one of my I wish I had done more despite the amount of time I actually spent there. Yes the salt water is definitely better than a green space in Tuscaloosa but I think part of Beaufort’s appeal was that we spent a lot of time outdoors. So I’d like to find a few good parks etc here.

Buy Alabama Football season tickets. Go to a basketball game. Go to one or more gymnastics meets. Again all from my if we moved in a few years what will I wish I had done while living in Tuscaloosa list.

See a show at The Ryman. I wanted to do this before we moved to Beaufort but didn’t. Well now we are close to Nashville again.

Visit New Orleans since we are close again. Eat at Saba. We have eaten at the counterpart in Denver. I’d love to visit the one close by. Also some friends should be there for a few months so maybe we can align our trips.

Take Em to see a mama turtle laying a nest.

Visit Beaufort in particular during the magical part of summer when new nest are being laid and the first ones are hatching. (mid July to early August).

Happy Newish Year! It’s never too late to set some intentions into motion.

And as always seek the everyday magic, make magic if you can’t find it and spread the light. 💗

Tailgate Graze Board

It is one of the most wonderful times of the year, football time! I recently combined two of my favorite things, graze boards and football.

This particular one is loaded up with all things Tigers. Ugh, I can not believe I said or did that but for the love of these two Clemson loving cuties. That being said easily adaptable for any team but in particular Auburn/Clemson/LSU and any other Tigers out there.

I ordered this football platter online. It was the perfect size for the three of us but for a large party you would need more space. For really large parties a few complete but smaller graze boards to spread throughout the party is a great option. This one looks cute too.

Now this board was made for me, a 7 year old and 12 year old, so you definitely can customize to your taste but this is a run down of what we used. Pizza, Harvarti cubes, Ritz, Cheeto Paws (a Tiger gameday essential), Nacho Doritos, Team Spirit Cookie Dough Bites (with orange and purple sprinkles), and Tiger Paw cheddar.

For the Tiger Paw cheddar I used this cute cookie cutter to cut the cheddar pre sliced cheddar squares. They turned out so cute. For non tigers you could grab a football cutter or animal of your choice, maybe use white cheddar instead of yellow/orange.

I ordered the cute green and white stripped cups online and added the football stickers. You could also write or add number stickers like a yard line. These are great for holding items. They wont hold liquid but cookie bites, nuts, olives or the sort.

Happy Tailgating!

Go Teams!

Memorial Weekend in Maine

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Maine celebrating my sister before she headed to Dallas for residency. So fun for most of us to be together with some more family from my mom’s side.

Our most laughable memory is breaking the dock while doing some self timer pictures. This one is perfectly timed. I have a magnet on our fridge and laugh hysterically at it on a regular basis. I am sure Uncle Steve did not find it as funny and honestly in the moment we all thought we were falling into the water. My thought was I am on the back row, all these other humans are going to fall on top of me!!

The weekend was filled with delicious food that Aunt Molly made, loon calls, boat rides and fun. We discussed our Love Languages, read, and had good conversations. So nice just to relax and spend time with the ones you love.

We visited the LLBean mothership. I also grabbed a micro-puff on major sale from the Patagonia outlet.

My favorite were the lighthouses. We visited Portland Head Light and Two Lights State Park. The lighthouses however are not in the state park but basically a neighborhood. We had lobster rolls for lunch at Lobster Shack.

We also “helped” with the restoration of the Rita.

If you have never heard Loon calls then google them. They sound very cool. Their hoot means where are you, are you ok, are you close by. We hooted at each other alot.  I am sure Uncle Steve and Aunt Molly soon regretted their choice to teach us. 

They spent their time, energy and money on a classic lobster dinner for us. As well as so much other delicious food. Homemade bread, anyone?

We sunset cruised, snoozed cruised, boozed cruised and Loon cruised. Paddle boarding, water skiing, and sailing. We also played games and participated in a polar plunge. That water was cold. I had a hard time moving my arms and legs, but pier pressure will get you.

Uncle Steve planned a surprise firework show for Claire. We all knew about it and kept a great secret because she was clueless that is was exactly for her!

We had a delightful time and enjoyed spending time with family. Thanks Uncle Steve and Aunt Molly for welcoming all of us loons into your home. I can tell yall have created a beautiful, warm, welcoming space. We all can not wait to come back. We are so glad we got to see Angie too!

2018 Reflection


I know it’s so cliche, but how is 2018 over!?!

I did great with my monthly goals and Powersheets post at the beginning of the year but then those feel to the wayside. Here is to following all the way through in 2019. I spent Sunday night doing a workshop with the lovely Danika Brysha digging deep into what we want 2019 to bring. But I feel like in order to look ahead we need to look back at times.

The pain, the negative, the worries, the ugly, the bad and the hurts can occupy more time and energy than the positive, love, light and happiness. Its so easy to dwell on the negatives rather than the positives. 

I feel at times we can let a bad ten minutes ruin our entire day. The same goes for a year. So here in no particular order are things to celebrate from 2018!

  1. Ryan recovered from his broken ankle.
  2. We traveled to Disney (twice).
  3. We traveled to the beach.
  4. I opened the door to some “best” opportunities by closing the door on something good, near and dear to my heart, Neonatal nursing.
  5. We celebrated our 5th anniversary in Greece.
  6. De-cluttered all three bathrooms (it’s time to do it again.)
  7. De-cluttered the kitchen.
  8. Found a secretary desk and painted it. I have wanted one of these since I was a child.
  9. Aerial yoga classes.
  10. Had one of my besties move away but also got to visit Hattiesburg and Laurel.
  11. Celebrated 31.
  12. Hung Christmas lights on our back deck like I have been wanting for years.
  13. Got a new laptop!!!
  14. Had my gallbladder removed. Yay, no more stone pain.
  15. Continued Riley Kate’s Lovies.
  16. Visited Emerald Isle with Em.
  17. Started attending a small group that gives me strength and courage.
  18. Attending The Brunch Series.
  19. Visited the turtle hospital.
  20. Had a boat picnic and introduced Em to the idea.
  21. Visited Savannah with the Copley girls.
  22. Had a new air conditioning system installed.
  23. Completed a Whole 30 round.
  24. Attended Beautycounter’s Leadership Summit.
  25. Blogged more than previously.
  26. Made an epic cheese board.
  27. Found new waterfalls in Alabama we had never seen.
  28. Visited New Bern, NC in the snow.
  29. Watched Alabama win a national championship.
  30. Mastered (well successfully made) cinnamon rolls from scratch.
  31. Started our yearly family photo books that I have been meaning to do since the year we got engaged. So far I’ve done 2017 and two big trips.
  32. Attended Highlands Christmas service.
  33. Updated some picture frames around the house.
  34. Dyed my hair blue and purple.
  35. Got a new front door and had the downstairs door repaired.
  36. Spent a date night with Ryan at Fantasy in Lights.
  37. Arranged some pretty flowers.
  38. Made some crazy good Moana ears.
  39. Soaked in some good baby snuggles.
  40. Continued seeing my counselor on a regular basis.
  41. Ryan and I took a few photos where we were married 5 years ago.
  42. Celebrated Em’s Birthday.
  43. Ryan got a new job and we began planning, packing, and prepping for our move to Beaufort, SC.
  44.  Saw sea turtles in the wild in Greece.
  45. Saw owls in our back yard.
  46. Explored the Enneagram.
  47. Saw The Struts in concert.
  48. Grew some beautiful flowers.
  49. Got a new phone and Fitbit.
  50. Took down the wallpaper and popcorn ceiling in the half bathroom.
  51. Spent some time in the mountains.
  52. Read 36 books.


  • When Breath Becomes Air
  • Promise Me, Dad
  • Braving the Wilderness
  • The Gifts of Imperfection
  • Girl, Wash Your Face
  • Sheer Mischief
  • The One Your Really Want
  • This Could Change Everything
  • Three Amazing Things About You
  • 10% Happier
  • Perfect Timing
  • To The Moon and Back
  • Failing For You
  • The Sacred Ennaegram
  • Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay
  • Rumor Has It
  • The Unexpected Consequences of Love
  • The Note
  • Sm’ore to Lose
  • One S’more Summer
  • The Girl Who Stayed
  • The Road Back to you
  • His Needs, Her Needs
  • The Life Giving Home
  • If You Only Knew
  • The Girl Who Stayed
  • The Light We Lost
  • Beach House For Rent
  • The Circle Maker
  • Whisper
  • Remember God
  • Eat Cake Be Brave
  • Into the Wilderness
  • Dawn on a Distant Shore
  • What Stands in a Storm
  • Lake in the Clouds

Fabulous Friday, XXVII

Happy last Friday of 2018! I hope your holiday season has been bright and light. We have been busy bees since Disney. This past week we celebrated all the Christmas.

We went to Six Flags with the Stalkers and had Christmas Brunch the next morning. Ryan got a few new board games for Christmas. We played one that afternoon.

Ryan and I stopped by Callaway Gardens for Fantasy in Lights on our way to Christmas in Flatwoods.

Christmas Eve we attended Highlands Christmas which was spectacular as usual. You can check out some awesome song on their Facebook and Instagram.

We had Christmas Breakfast before I went to work to save some eyeballs. I made my version of my Papa’s breakfast casserole. I also made homemade cinnamon rolls for the first time and knocked it out of the park if I do say so myself. I would like to make it a tradition or routine so to say to make them one lazy breakfast a month. I am already wanting the gingerbread version again even though its technically past Christmas. I might make them this weekend though since I already have an open jar of molasses.

I felt like I swept and mopped and washed ten thousand dishes. But would it be Christmas without feeling that way. The rest of the week brought work-work and work at home. I already packed up our Christmas decorations, a record for me. This move and the packing to do list has me so anxious I went ahead and got started. I also worked on our New Year’s card so look for them in a mailbox near you.

If you would like to pray for us we would love prayers in general. But if you re looking for specific prayers PACKING the house, gracious this is overwhelming to me. A smooth move. A flexible job for me not necessarily nursing but something that really allows for space and time of people and things I love. I have a lead and my heart is bursting with excitement over it but it’s a very tiny lead and an idea in my heart right now. Selling our house with profit because Samford student loans yo. New friends and old ones to continue to stick. Ryan a smooth job transition. Em to adjust and flourish. 😍

This weekend will bring more packing, football and hopefully some pockets of rest.

Wishing you a restful yet productive weekend and a beautiful end to 2018!



Riley Kate’s Lovies Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas! I hope your day and season is filled with joy, love and peace. I know the holidays can be an especially hard time for many. I pray you find some pocket of peace and joy today no matter how small. 

Riley Kate’s Lovies are our little girls legacy and remembrance. I started these act of love as a way to help spread the light and love she brought into our lives in her 13 short weeks. It has become therapy and healing for me and I truly hope the recipients feel loved and cared for. This year I did the 25 days of Riley Kate’s Lovies, doing one or more random or sometimes not so random act of love in her honor. It brings me such joy to share her with the world and to honor her. 

This year would have been her second Christmas. I can not imagine what a joy that would have been. It is hard not to get bogged down in the what ifs. I’m striving to see the beauty in the ashes and be a light for the world around me, in order to spread her light and love.

We hope your season continues to be filled with love, light and joy. May 2019 bring you exactly what you need. Merry Christmas! Happy Everything! Wishing you a Joyous New Year! Lovies!

A New Adventure

Phew! I can’t believe this is real. I am terrified and excited. Sad and happy. We are embarking on a new adventure. In 2019, we will be moving to Beaufort, SC. For those of you that do not know it is about half way in between Savannah and Charleston. It is where my beloved Hunting Island is. It was voted Southern Living’s Best Small Town in 2017. 

I grew up going to the area as my maternal grand parents had a beach house on Hunting Island. Ryan and I have continued to visit the area and he loves the area as much as me, maybe. He is much better equipped for the move since he has lived all over.

This is a huge adjustment as it will be the furthest I have ever lived from my family and outside of the state of Alabama for longer than a summer at camp Aunt Amy. Oh, and there is that blue eyed blonde headed girl that I can not even think about her and moving without nearly vomiting, so needless to say Birmingham you will still be seeing a lot of me back and forth. Luckily, it has been instilled in me that when it comes to love the miles don’t matter.

We are going to place our home in Birmingham on the market to sell. We will rent in Beaufort just to get a lay of the land and make sure living at the beach feels right and good. Because vacationing at the beach and living at the beach are two very different things.

This has been a huge decision and I have gone back and forth on and made myself physically sick over but essentially it boils down to not wanting to wonder what if. Every desicion in my life  have thought but what bout Em? What about Ry?  What about my mom? What about my dad? What about Teddy and Tare? And I feel like for maybe one of the few in my life I said BUT what about Anna Kate?

At the beginning of November I quit my job in the NICU for various, different reasons. But that seemed to be the knock on the door that threw open all the other doors. Ryan and I have talked about moving there but hadn’t because of said blonde headed girl. But he got a call out of the blue from Wal-Mart asking if he was still interested in a job there and well everything slide into place rather easily.

The doors just seemed to fly open so we are giving it a go. Luckily, like most things in life a move is not irreversible. Granted a pain in the butt but not something we are committing to for forever. We will see where the tide and salty breeze takes us over the next few years. 

I cycle back and forth between I am excited and OMG I am going to puke. I’m constantly reminding myself on the other side of terrified is growth and magic. I constantly wonder if I am actually brave enough to do this because change is hard. But so are the rewards.

Please pray and send us love and good vibes for a smooth transition, a good profit on our house, a smooth transition for those we love, blessings of new friends, a new flexible job for me and transportation to and from the people we love. 

Thanks to everyone for their love and support. Here is to new adventures, many house guests, sandy feet, shrimp, Lowcontry magic and a changing of the tides.

Fabulous Friday, XXV

We spent the past week in Disney! Oh what fun.

We visited Hollywood Studios on Saturday. Our friends joined us for Epcot on Sunday. Monday we played in the Magic Kingdom. Tuesday we partied with Mickey and friends at the Christmas party. Wednesday we went to Sea World for the first time.

Thursday we flew home exhausted and with full hearts. Look for a post on our trip soon. Back to the real world now.

Here are a few of my favorite Disney shops.

Aloha Ears

Imaginex Ears

Pixie Lee & Co

Pretty Little Monograms

Bibbidi Bobbidi Bling

Bibbidi Bobbidi Brooke

Mouse on Mainstreet

Magical Monograms

Lucky Rabbit Supply Co

The Barefoot Mermaid’s Christmas Gift Ideas

I am no fashion or lifestyle blogger but here are a few of my picks for Christmas gift ideas.

The Birmingham Candy Company is hanging out at Santa’s workshop this year. You can grab corporate gifts or just a small treat for neighbors or friends. I recommend grabbing a peppermint bark or praline pecan candle for yourself. Ok they make great gifts too.

Gardenia Pillow by Adam Trest

Gardenia Pillow not going to lie I love this pillow but I thought it was a magnolia flower.

Artifact Uprising Gift Card I have been using the lay-flat album for my yearly and special trip photo books so a gift card would be lovely to use on the 2018 book as well as ever year but 2018 and Greece, that I need to go back and do.

Shade Rays I have a pair of these. You may have seen them in my Greece pictures. I would love this pink version too. After losing my Raybans at Disney I wont buy expensive glasses again.

Fuzzy, soft grey electric blanket I have one but its not as cuddly fuzzy soft. It is definitely time for an upgrade.

Digital Picture Frame because can you ever have too many photos displayed.

Rodin Mermaid Collection Luxury Body Oil

Mermaid Oil I have had and used this. It smells just like the ocean without tickling my nose like some ocean scented candles do.

Alabama Goods in downtown Homewood is great for local state made products.

My ultimate favorite gift, time. Dinner out together, a concert, a trip and event. Ryan and I are getting a Disney trip this year.

I also love picking up local gifts from the farmer’s market. Pepperplace has a few more Saturdays left. There’s candles, pottery, kombucha, cheese, soaps, honey, and other handmade items.

A few of my out of town family loves getting Jim N Nick’s Biscuit Mix. Or I think they do. Its great to have on hand for those holiday guest.

Beautycounter’s Best of Beautycounter holiday set, Instant Awakening Trio holiday set, and Counterman. Something for everyone on your list.

Another great thoughtful gift is to have people write down their recipes on matching cards and gift in a cute recipe box. There is something about a handwritten recipe. It makes a great memory and keepsake.

Tell me what is your favorite gift you have ever received and given? Also what is you most treasured gift? They could be the same favorite and treasured but mine are different.

*Photographs are from websites.


Love; it will not betray you, Dismay or enslave you, it will set you free. Be more like the man you were made to be…

A letter to myself on our wedding day five years in retrospect.

Dear Beautiful Bride,

Today is the big day. You have stressed and worried and wished you NEVER had done a wedding but simply eloped. TREASURE IT! It will likely be the last time in your life that most of the people you love will be in one place. Because the miles are long, the years are short and humans often can not behave themselves and act like cordial adult humans.

You are beautiful today, tomorrow and always. You will look beautiful. Christopher will make sure your hair is gorgeous and your curls wont fall out because he is magic. You will always be beautiful even when you do not feel it.

Take pictures (maybe make sure the camera is charged), dance some more, laugh, relish in it. Make sure Uncle David knows your are “cutting the cake” although on second thought don’t because his photo bomb is one of your most favorite photos ever. Record the speeches. You will wish you had. Soak up the love and joy.

Soon you will leave for your honeymoon. Get ready. It will surpass your wildest dreams. You and Ryan will fall more in love with each other, Iceland and travel.

Oh baby, it’s just the beginning of a lifetime of adventures. You will travel more than you ever dreamed in the next five years. Travel will become your greatest teacher, passion and saving grace.

Spoiler alert you will spend anniversary five in Greece.

The years ahead, they hold things that are harder than you could dream. You will live, you will grow, you will survive and you will come out on the other side a better,stronger version of yourself and with a better marriage. And beautiful girl although the hard times are abundant so are the good times and take care to note and remember them. It is so easy for the traumatic times to be seared into your memory forever. But cling and hold onto the pockets of light in life for they will help illuminate the oppressive darkness.

Mama will get sick. It will be trying, frustrating, you will wonder if she is going to die. She wont. You will lose faith in the healthcare system and it will be hard but a humbling experience for your career to be on the other side of the hospital. Ryan will be a rockstar through all of this. You will wonder what you did to deserve him. You will look back and wonder how you lived that spring and summer but you do.

Oh precious, precious girl you will sit in a hospital room at UAB and you will say, I always have felt like Ryan and I will have a hard time having a baby but maybe this, you being so sick is paying our dues. Tender-heart, you will lose your first baby girl at 13 weeks pregnant the following year. This will almost destroy you and your marriage (that is totally normal). Keep putting in the effort, keep communicating, keep going, even when you do not feel like it. You make it. Ryan again will be your rock. This time will be the darkest of your life. Grieving together will not be something you are good at. Try going to couseling together sooner than you do.

But also here you will also find the greatest love. To others and from others and for Riley Kate.

You will take Em to the trampoline park. You will be sitting there literally looking on with joy thinking this is the most fun you and Ryan have had together since March. And then Ryan will break his ankle. He will be out of work. He will lose his job. You will fret and worry and all will be ok. It possibly might lead you on your bravest adventure yet. Eventually.

There will be other hard times, family difficulties, you will make some wonderful friends and they will move away. You as always will have a hard time taking things on and carrying the weight of them even when it is not your weight to carry. This is infuriating to you but it is what makes you you and your heart and love and empathy so big.You will spend the better part of 2018 wondering if love truly wins in the end. There will be times it certainly does not feel like it. I wish I could tell you love does win and that love is big enough to overcome all but I can’t. I’m simply not sure yet. But keep loving and keep living anyways.

But oh the joys.

You will buy a cute house right where you dreamed it would be. You will spend hours doing home improvement together and it will be a joy for yall.

The friends you will make. The love you will experience. The snuggles. The good food. Eventually you will learn to laugh off the trashcan situation.

The trips. Oh the trips. Iceland. Chicago. A cruise. Italy. California. Paris. Banff. Nashville. Memphis. The Beach. The Mountains. Chattanooga. And then Greece. And you get to do it all together.


You have more people than you can count that love you and you love more people than you can count. Your heart will break open with love for Riley Kate but the cracks will leave room for more love to give and receive for the entire world.

Best of all you have someone in your corner. Even when it feels like no one’s there and you are lonely. Also normal at times in marriage but do a better job of communicating how you feel. That’s on you not him. He can’t read your mind but also thank God he can’t right?

These five years will grow you and stretch you because change is going to happen. You won’t always love the events that happen but you will be proud of the woman you are five years from now. There is so much growing to do always I can’t wait to see the woman you are in five more years.

Marriage is hard work. But all good things are. You will feel stuck in a rut and like you go through the same things over and over. Try, fight, work through the tears to communicate because it is all worth it. The only thing to do is to believe in love. Believe love will win and love is enough to triumph over all. Because without love to believe in what else is left in life.


Your braver, bolder, stronger, more loving yet slightly older version of yourself

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