2022 Intentions

I don’t love resolutions but I do love a fresh start and reflecting, planning. So here are a few things I hope and plan to accomplish this year.

Give blood. I have never done this. I tried once but my anxiety/heart rate was too high. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ To my credit I believe it was before nursing school now I’m accustomed to blood and needles.

Drink more water. I mean isn’t this everyone’s goal. Hats off to you if you are crushing this.

Move my body. Sometimes I get caught up on the yoga/walking isn’t high enough intensity etc. no more just move in a way that feels good. I do aim to do some high intensity but also letting yoga and walking be good enough since they are the movements I enjoy. I would like to try to get to a few aerial classes again.

Replenish the money we took out of our savings/emergency fund for my car. We have one account that’s emergency and like car replacement funds etc. I’d like to aim to replace what we took out for my car in addition to our regular contribution. And or put that money towards paying more down on Ryan’s student loans. Financial long run would probably be best to pay down Ryan’s student loans. I’ll ask Ryan to help figure out if money down is more beneficial than growing our savings which is in stock so it makes money for us.

Put $2k in one special savings account. It’s for a certain thing.

Track every penny we spend.

Purge our stuff. Holy stuff. I thought we downsided and got rid of stuff when we moved from BHM to Beaufort and then when we moved in Beaufort but holy stuff that I had to pack for our recent move. I want to get us unpacked and slowly, mindfully move through purging our things.

On that note, buy less crap. For real the best way to decrease the amount of stuff in our house is to buy less stuff. Be intentional and really think about will it be cherished and used. On that note also buy other people consumable gifts, something they ask for specifically or experiences. Request that people do the same for us. Don’t feel guilty about donating stuff we won’t use or that we do not cherish or is special to our family.

Shop less at Amazon. I feel like I’ve done better at this in the past but this Christmas and in the middle of the move really amped it up. But alas a season and time for everything. This Christmas just wasn’t one of beautifully wrapped gifts and locally shopped items. I barely had my nose above water with the move and nightshift. And honestly in the short time we have been in 2022 I’m learning I might have to use Amazon more than I’d like. Finding groceries here is hard. Even random things like freeze dried raspberries and hangers.

Have less food waste thus save money on groceries.

Aim to only use a max of two rolls of paper towels for the entire 2022. We have reusable napkins that we frequently use but there is still room for improvement on the disposable products. I hate that Covid in general made the world revert back to disposable things. Humans had made great progress.

Buy no candles, wrapping paper, nail polish (besides maybe a few color streets but I really need to work through what I already own), bath/shower products until I completely use what I have.

Read at least 52 books. Mostly for free, by swapping with friends and using the library.

Hang two or three wall bookshelves to have seasonal displays. Normally you see this in children’s rooms. One of my favorite Instagram follows (@beginathome) changes out her kids books for the seasons and I LOVE this so much I thought just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean I can’t display my adult books in a fancy way and also some of the children’s books I have. I’ve already ordered two shelves from Etsy. I’ll see how they fit the space and possibly order a third later.

Clean and deep clean on a regular schedule thus making a move out clean easier.

Continue my Fabulous Friday blog post. I fell off mid year and definitely love this as a memory keeper.

Complete the photo organizing class and do it. As well as maintain.

Print 2020 and 2021 photo books by July 31.

See belugas in the wild. Summer Canada? We have seen Right whales, Orcas, plenty of Humpbacks and as of this summer two Blues. Belugas are one of the cutest. For our first dating anniversary Ryan surprised me with the Beluga encounter at the GA Aquarium. But I really want to see them in the wild.

Freeze fresh roasted tomatoes in summer for winter homemade soup.

Use Self Care Society membership. I had this membership last year as well but didn’t use it as often as I’d like. They now record the sessions which should be more helpful for accessing at a time convenient for me.

Continue to give through #rileykateslovies and when I feel the nudge. We don’t do a big charitable donation but I do try to give to people I feel need it when I can. Usually I love to do the big 25 acts at Christmas but that was toned down this year just simply because we were in the middle of moving.

Find a green space in Tuscaloosa that’s easy to access and safe. Spend time there. When leaving Beaufort I found myself thinking I wish we had done x more. And while Covid prevented some things, some were just on me. So when making the final moving drive to Bama I thought if we move in a year or two what will I wish we had done. I feel like spending time at the beach was one of my I wish I had done more despite the amount of time I actually spent there. Yes the salt water is definitely better than a green space in Tuscaloosa but I think part of Beaufort’s appeal was that we spent a lot of time outdoors. So I’d like to find a few good parks etc here.

Buy Alabama Football season tickets. Go to a basketball game. Go to one or more gymnastics meets. Again all from my if we moved in a few years what will I wish I had done while living in Tuscaloosa list.

See a show at The Ryman. I wanted to do this before we moved to Beaufort but didn’t. Well now we are close to Nashville again.

Visit New Orleans since we are close again. Eat at Saba. We have eaten at the counterpart in Denver. I’d love to visit the one close by. Also some friends should be there for a few months so maybe we can align our trips.

Take Em to see a mama turtle laying a nest.

Visit Beaufort in particular during the magical part of summer when new nest are being laid and the first ones are hatching. (mid July to early August).

Happy Newish Year! It’s never too late to set some intentions into motion.

And as always seek the everyday magic, make magic if you can’t find it and spread the light. 💗

Intentional Living, 8

September Goals:

  • Celebrate 7 years of marriage.
  • Celebrate Riley Kate.
  • Write down my weekly wellness targets.
  • Reading is always a built in goal and a bit of a escape from reality for me.
  • Organize the pantries.
  • Make a fun fall dessert.
  • Organize, find a place for our boat stuff.
  • Organize desk.
  • Exercise 5 days a week yoga or 🐌-ing. Trying to shave 30 seconds off my snailing mile time.
  • Send 3 cards in the mail.
  • Keep the house tidy.
  • Meal prep and plan. I might try to meal plan for the whole month this week.

August To Das:

  • Bought a new to us boat. We figured with our international and domestic travel on hold for Covid we would buy a toy.
  • Spent time with Em.
  • Took some yearly photos of Em including her elementary grad pics. I can’t believe she is in middle school now.
  • Cleaned out the freezers and redid our list of what’s in them.
  • Read: The Heir Affair-  Heather Cocks/Jessica Morgan, The 12 Week Year Field Guide- Brian Morgan/Michael Pennington, American Royals- Katharine McGee⭐⭐, Red, White and Royal Blue- Casey McQuiston*
  • Cleaned out, organized and documented what’s in the freezer.
  • Finished and printed our 2019 family album and Iceland/Norway trip.
  • Finalized my at home yoga/meditation space.
  • Got my inbox down to zero! I have spent weeks slowly but surely deleting and sorting into appropriate folders.

⭐ Means it was a favorite, good book. * Means I borrowed it from the Library, Libby app, Hoopla app or a friend.

Intentional Living 2020, 7

August goals:

  • Clean out deep freeze and inside freezer. Document what we have on hand.
  • Mediate for five minutes a day.
  • Reinstate my exercise routine.
  • Make a list of things that replenish my reserve.
  • Spend time with Em.
  • Find a space to decorate seasonally, such as how a mantel would be used.
  • Finalize at home yoga space.
  • Finish and order 2019 photo albums.
  • Make Em a Camp Tate book.
  • Snail mail some goodies.
  • Publish the September version on time. Ha!

July To Das:

  • Celebrated my birthday and my cousin twins.
  • Set up my at home yoga/mediation space.
  • Spent some time with my sister.
  • Grew my herb garden.
  • Visited St Philips Island for the day.
  • Read: The Giver of Stars- Jojo Moyes*, The Gilly Salt Sisters- Tiffany Baker, Unf*ck Yourself- Gary John Bishop*, The Bookshop on the Corner- Jenny Colgan*⭐

Intentional Living 2020, 3 & 4

May Plans:

  • Hang pictures upstairs
  • Get upstairs ready for Em.
  • Send snail mails.
  • Exercise 4/week atleast.
  • Financial check-ins, using Every Dollar app. Also, monitoring our investments.
  • Meal planning and prep. I feel like I have made good progress on this the past few weeks. During my four night work stretch I wasn’t prepared enough. I have another four shift stretch coming up in May so I want to do better. And also not sign up for four in a row again. Note to self.
  • Read three books.
  • Go to the beach weekly.
  • Sabbath weekly. Mainly stay off social media and the internet and limit phone usage one day a week. Just unplug.
  • Build and plant raised bed.
  • Celebrate Em, Teddy and Ryan.

April To Das:

  • Mostly unpacked upstairs.
  • Cleaned out my car.
  • Organized linens.
  • Exercised for a total of 769 minutes.
  • Tracked my food.
  • Tracked our spending.
  • Meal planned. Definitely made progress here.
  • Completed Em’s big birthday present.
  • Read five books: Where the Light Enters- Sara Donati, The Ten Thousand Doors of January-Alix E Harrow *, The Keeper of Lost Things- Ruth Hogan*, Circe- Madeline Miller, The Tangledwood Tea Shop- Lilac Mills* (* means I read for free through Hoopla, Libby, borrowing from a friend or the library)

March To Das: (Because I missed doing this update.)

  • Read: Can You Keep a Secret? – Sophie Kinsella*, All the Things We Cannot Say- Kelly Rimmer*, The Gilded Hour- Sara Donati, Untamed- Glennon Doyle
  • Packed!
  • Moved!
  • Made progress on unpacking and decluttering.
  • Move out cleaned the rental.
  • Started Em’s birthday present.
  • Documented exercise and food.
  • Started nightshift. Oh, goodness have I really only been doing nights a few months? If feels like three years already.
  • Budget and spending ttracking.
  • Meal planned.

Happy May! What are you doing to cultivate the life you want to live?

Intentional Living 2020, I

Best is the enemy of good. ~ Voltaire

One month of 2020 is gone and a fresh set of 29 days is upon us. Have you made any resolution progress? If not remember there is nothing magical about January 1st. And in the words of Voltaire don’t let best or perfection get in be way of good progress. Don’t not make good because you are worried you ant do great. I have some things I am proud of and some things still left to experiment with.

January To Das:

  • I was able to read 3 books and part of two others.
  • Organized the pantry.
  • Sent two snail mails.
  • Simplified the clothing in my dresser.
  • Went to the chiropractor.
  • Tracked my exercise and finished the month consistently tracking food.
  • Bought a door organizer for my clothes. I put my work tank, undies, socks or yoga clothes in it. Because if I don’t go to work then I go to yoga (usually).
  • I mostly stuck to the Clean Mama routine. I did sometimes if I had an off day did the sweeping and mopping all in one day. I’ve also started a cleaning note in Evernote to track the last day I washed the sheets in each bedroom, towels, shower curtain, cleaned other things, etc.
  • Journaled on a most consistent bases.
  • Printed all of our yearly photo and trip albums minus 2019 and Iceland/Norway.
  • Logged 1013 exercise minutes.

February To Experiment:

  • Simplify closet #1
  • Simplify closet #2
  • Read three books
  • Prep and enjoy trip #1
  • Prep and enjoy trip #2
  • Send Valentine snail mail
  • Do the thing (unsure if I am ready to share)
  • Find a wellness accountability partner
  • Move my body 4/ week
  • Weekly financial checkin
  • Unplug on a weekly basis
  • Journal most days
  • Meditate for three minutes per day
  • Document wellness
  • Develop and practice good sleep routine in order to prepare for working nights
  • Clean Mama routine daily
  • No spend month. I so easily grab a shirt for Em or something for the house etc. The graphic about want to waste $10,000.00 then mindlessly spend $27.40 daily. Phew that is crazy isn’t it!?! Dining out, teas, wasted food, a shirt for Em or a toy. It all adds up.

Happy February! 💕💖

Comment with your January wins! Id love to celebrate with you.

Welcome to the Roaring 20s

This morning I watched the first sunrise of 2020 standing on the literal foundation of so much of my life, the beach house. What a gift. I’ve been reflecting this last few days and looking a head. I’ve thought about what legacy I hope to leave when I die and what I hope people will say about me at my funeral (hint it’s not those Southern-isms such as sweet, kind, a good heart, blah). To know which direction you want to go in you need to know where you want to go.

The Roaring 20s are here! I am excited to see what they have in store.

I have six main themes. My phrase for 2020 is Root to Rise a yoga-ism from.one of my yoga teachers, Megan. In yoga it means a firm, grounded foundation so you can rise tall and strong. Basically going for the same thing in 2020 life. Planting deep roots to rise in life.

Below are my goal themes. The goals written out as if they have already been completed.

Physical Wellness

I am the healthiest version of myself. My body is operating in it’s tip top optimal condition. I am energetic, have excellent lab levels, well-rested, strong, clearer skin, accomplished, and flexible. 

Spiritual Light

I  deeply connected to God, myself, the people I love, the earth, and the universe.  Thus my inner light radiated to those around me. 

Mental Health

My mind is peaceful and my heart is full of joy. My light and physical body ground my emotions and mental space.  I have a more peace, a quieter mind, therefore I have a deeper connection with myself. 


We are financially secure and I have peace about money. We are able to give generously to bless others. 

Life-giving Home

Our house is a place of refuge, belonging and love. Our space provides us with clarity, rest, energy, joy and rejuvenation. It houses celebrations, love, laughter, miracles and warmth. 

Rooted Connections

I have rooted, deep connections with my tribe. We have become rooted in our community. Our marriage is anchored and thriving. 

In January I am planning to read three books, simplify my clothes, organize the pantry, exercise four days a week, send some snail mail, follow the Clean Mama calendar, document my food and exercise, eat lower (ish) carb, and review spending weekly.

What do you hope 2020 holds for you?

For some goal setting boss babe inspiration follow Lara Casey, Danika Brysha, Rachel Hollis, Gretchen Rubin, and Emily Ley.

2019 in Review

2019, What a year for us.

We moved to Beaufort, SC essentially into a semi tiny house. Had the great purge of 2019. Did A LOT of work on our house in Homewood. Sold our house. Paid down some of Ryan’s student loans. Took a Summer Sabbatical and learned the art of resting. Became a turtle volunteer for Hunting Island SC, a life long dream of mine. Began practicing yoga and exercising on a regular basis. Adventured in Iceland and Norway, where we snorkeled in the Arctic Circle. Went to Disney. Visited friends in Laurel and Hamilton. Cruised on a Stalker family vacay. Watched the Blue Angels from our backyard. Each started a new job. Attended Mumford and Sons, Needtobreathe and Hootie and the Blowfish concerts. Magically happened upon affordable Hamilton tickets in Dallas. Made new friends. Spent quality time with my younger cousins. Traveled to Cape Cod. Built a dollbed. Magically saw an orca in the ocean in Norway. Spent a cousin weekend reminiscent of Camp Amy at Uncle Steve and Aunt Molly’s in Maine. Started our own version of Camp Amy with Camp Tate with Em and Emory as attendees. Celebrated graduations and Match Days and birthdays and our 6th wedding anniversary. Met Ryan’s besties baby and got all the snuggles. Increased my blogging. Caught up on our yearly photo albums. Continued to clear some clutter and simplify. Read 39 books. Did the 25 days of Riley Kate’s Lovies during December. Had Chocolate Tree chocolate covered strawberries. Went to the Bama vs SC game.

This is the list I read this year. All are good because if I start a book and don’t enjoy it I typically do not finish it. The stars are the extra good ones, two stars the best.

  1. Intuitive Eating
  2. Fire Along the Sky⭐
  3. Queen of Swords⭐
  4. Becoming
  5. Love you Smore
  6. The Endless Forest⭐
  7. The Power of Vulnerability
  8. Where the Crawdads Sing
  9. Beach House Reunion⭐
  10. Glory Road
  11. The High Tide Club
  12. Miranda’s Big Mistake
  13. Maybe This Time
  14. By Invitation Only
  15. Sunset Beach
  16. The Summer Guests ⭐
  17. I’m Fine and Neither are You
  18. The Royal We
  19. Forever is the Worst Long Time
  20. Life and other Near Death Experiences
  21. Brunch at the Bittersweet Cafe
  22. The Stationary Shop⭐⭐
  23. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  24. Where’d You Go Bernadette
  25. Little Fires Everywhere
  26. Next Year in Havana ⭐⭐
  27. The Island House
  28. The Guest Cottage
  29. When We Left Cuba ⭐
  30. Nantucket Sisters
  31. Make Your Bed
  32. The Alice Network ⭐⭐
  33. Looking for Lovely (reread) ⭐
  34. The Over Due Life of Amy Byler
  35. When Less Becomes More
  36. One Day in December ⭐
  37. Make It Happen
  38. Cultivate
  39. The Tattooist of Auschwitz ⭐⭐

I can’t wait to see what 2020 and the next decade bring. I will be posting my Powersheet goals this week too. So encourage me and hold me accountable.

Welcome to the Roaring 20s! I can’t wait to see what is in store.

Happy New Year! Best wishes for a Roaring new decade.

Happy November 2019!

Hi friends! Just a goal update. Yall are my accountability to a degree. I got most things done in October. Most importantly I got and started my new job.

For November, I am focusing on finishing the year out strong by participating in the Hollis Co Last Ninety Days and savoring the season.

I start nightshift after the first of the year so I am trying to get the house in tip top shape by cleaning out the deep freeze, clothes, decluttering etc. As well as get a good meal planning system going. The past two weeks I have used the Cook Once, Eat All Week cookbook. The batch cooking seems to work well. I do want to work on developing some with our favorite meals. It is nice not to eat the same thing over and over, I often feel we do. But also it is nice to have a week of solid, good go tos.

October Celebrations:

  1. Cleaned out deep freeze.
  2. Read 4 books.
  3. No Diet Coke!!! I did it 30 days free. Definitely will have it as a treat but not everyday.
  4. Ordered our Italy trip book from Artifact Uprising.
  5. Got a job.
  6. Ordered my 2020 Powersheets.
  7. Refreshed the garden. Planted some Spring blooming bulbs, Hostas, added dirt.
  8. Organized the bathroom closet.
  9. Yoga or walk. I clocked 870 ish minutes of exercise this month. The job orientation got me off but aiming for more in November.

November Goals:

  1. Reduce sugar.
  2. Set up two savings.
  3. Clean out clothes.
  4. Daily gratitude.
  5. Movement.
  6. Read three books.
  7. Build Em’s doll bed.
  8. Savor the Season. Christmas Tree/ Christmas dishes/ Christmas Cards. Thanksgiving.
  9. Make dental appointment.
  10. Blog. This is writing therapy for me as well as a way to stay connected to family and friends.
  11. Meal plan.
  12. Connect with friends.

December will be here before we know it! Do not forget to slow down, do not over commit and really enjoy this time of year. Cuddle up with a cozy blanket and watch a movie. Connect with a friend.

Those childish things, do them sometimes. They get it right.

Happy October!

Dear 2019, where did you go?

Finally after some time settling in, diving back into my Powersheets and goals.

Back to my areas of focus-Spiritual Light, Physical Well Being, Emotional Strength, Connections, Life-giving Home, and Financial Prosperity. Obviously there is definitely overlap.

This month I am focusing in building some good habits during the last 90 days of 2019. I bought The Hollis Co’s Last 90 Days journal. I am excited to try it out.

Heads up Artifact Uprising is having a Fall Book Sale, 20% off. Printing our Italy trip is on my list. So if printing photo books is on your agenda, grab them during a sale. The books I buy are the layflat option. Its expensive but I expect them to last for generations. Also I have gone back and forth with the price tag being worth it but memories and documentation is so important I decided for now it is worth it.

Ive got some cleaning/house keeping on the list. Deep freezer, bathroom. I managed to do the pantry in August and just finished by bedside table up today. I also am working on making a list of cleaning items to laminate so I can write the dates on them. Things less obvious than the floors, dishes or laundry, such as fans, air filters, guest bedsheets, pantry, etc.

I also plan to do a Fall garden refresh. Although the weather seems not close to Fall. All of our travel had my zinnias drying out. I already got started pulling up the old flowers and ordered some fall planting bulbs so progress already!

Get a job. Job interview also completed. So more progress already!

Read three books. Books give me so much joy. I am always looking for recommendations! Read any good ones lately? Im not super into mystery or suspense. Too much bad stuff going on in the real world to fun read about people being killed.

Aiming to try to get meal planning mastered. I havent seemed to ever get in a routine with this. Especially if I will be starting a night shift job.

Yoga or walk every day. I have been working on more physical activity over the last two months. I am proud to say I slayed September. My counselor and I are working on this. Breaking the mindset that it is all or nothing. Ten minutes counts! No Diet Coke.

Also saving this because so often we feel (or I feel) its hard to remember the success or good things or feel like I could have done more, I could have done better. Well pretty proud of this movement in September! Retraining my brain to think 10 minutes of movement is good. It does not have to be thirty minutes to be good or worth it. A few minutes added up to 1,189 minutes of activity this month! Whooo!

What are you hoping to do to enhance your life this month? Best wishes!

Hello 32

You know me I am all about documenting and making list. I wanted to reflect on 31 a little. It is easy to keep looking for the next great thing instead of what has happened.

Its also easy to chalk up a year to being “bad” because the things (like life) have been hard or challenging. For example especially due to these stomach problems lately I could push 31 into a bad year or sick year. So I wanted to sit down and list out some good and true things, in no particular order.

  • Spent celebrating *almost 31 birthday on a boat with my humans
  • Moved to Beaufort
  • Became a turtle lady
  • Trip Disney at Christmas
  • Trip Disney at the end of June
  • 5th Anniversary trip to Greece
  • Sold our house
  • Was a complete badass and got our house on the market despite some major headaches
  • Made two craft dream Disney ears
  • Had gallbladder removed
  • Taught myself to make homemade cinnamon rolls
  • Tried yoga
  • Saw a mama turtle lay a nest x 2
  • Saw Hamilton
  • Spent some good weeks with Em
  • Quit my job as a NICU nurse
  • Started my summer Sabatical
  • Saw The Struts in concert
  • Trip to Dallas
  • Saw Mumford and Sons in concert
  • Built raised beds
  • Planted a garden
  • Trip to Maine
  • Visited Hattiesburg
  • Made some good flower arrangements
  • Downsized our stuff

Here is to 32. Im dreaming of roots, community, friends, finding an avenue for some love in my heart, writing, growing, wellness, adventure, Disney and a whole lot of love along the way.

I want to look back next year and say I created magic and I found joy in the mundane. I loved my people big, loud and well but also in the small, quiet too. I read 52 books. I wrote, it doesnt have to be big or fancy or published but a I got a little fiction ish tucked in my heart and some good and true truths as well. I soaked up the salt life. I spent my money on the things that make you richer, memories. I traveled. I held a live baby sea turtle and gave it an air kiss and Em was with me. I took Em to see her first mama sea turtle on the beach and it was as Holy and as beautiful as we dreamed.

I focused on the the things and actions that I hope people will talk about when I die. My legacy. Loving well. Like whoa loving people was her super power. Living life, no matter the sun or storm, truly living it. Taking control and not going through the motions of letting life happen to you but truly living it.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Yall know how to make a girl feel loved.

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