Fabulous Friday 2023, XII

Happy weekend! We are in for some rough weather tonight. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m going to try to nap before it gets here.

A tiny sprout on the First Day of Spring.

Finally got some good jars for my bath salts. I like to take fancy bath salts and mix with regular epsom salt to stretch them a little further.

Watched this sweet girl play softball earlier in the week. It was chillier than I expected. She had a great hit and scored!

Today I’ve been sad and anxious, so I took my own advise-sunshine and fresh air. We explored the area around the UA arboretum a bit.

This podcast is about weight loss but I think it’s so helpful for negative self talk regardless of what context and for getting stuff done in life. Warning she does use explicit language but the content is excellent.

Finished another diamond art, good thing I have PLENTY that I bought on sale to pick my next one from. It really helps alleviate some focus on my worries. The repetition is soothing.

Grateful for payday, rain to water our gardens, a husband who tolerates my anxiety, and Alabama’s run as a basketball school.

Stay safe and weather aware. Sending comfort and love to those effected on MS.



Fabulous Friday 2023, XI

Happy Weekend! We are wrapping up astronomical Winter and moving on to Spring soon.

I took the latest cold weather spell to make homemade bread and soup.

I copied these nails from a group I am in on Facebook and I LOVED them.

Ry and I spent last weekend in Fairhope with Emilee. We had some seafood, played mini golf (which of us was the only one to get a hole in one…me!!), visited with friends who were on Spring Break, watched Bake Squad, and took care of her sick pup. We got baby Miller and the baby cousin twins, a baby sea turtle toy in FL last year on our turtle trip, and we happened to find one for BuBu this trip.

Some seeds tucked in and hopefully growing! Holding the flowers in for a few more days since temps are dipping below freezing at night,

Grateful for cozy nights, Dogwood flowers, a flexible job that allows me time to travel and spend time with the ones I love.

Happy weekend. Snuggle up with the ones your love for a cozy night this weekend before we transition to hot, hot, hot here in the South.



Fabulous Friday 2023, X

Happy weekend!

I finished up my adventures with my niece during the first part of the week. We went to the Arboretum which I keep wanting to call the Botanical Gardens. We also went to the Immersive Monet exhibit. I gave her bookshelves a Spring refresh. We bought our cousin, Embug a prize at the gardens.

I slept basically all day Wednesday. I did manage to get my hair done, workout and pick up groceries but that’s about it.

Im sad my ranunculus didn’t fair well. I honestly think they got too wet and rotted. The avocado tree is about to blossom. Im hoping to figure out a drip irrigation system I can install that run in between my flower pots for this summer. I love to garden but often travel too much to maintain it well sometimes. Most if my plants are in the Greenstalk or pots for ease of moving.

Couldn’t resist these beauties.

Grateful for my own bed, my workout buddy and a short direct flight to the people I love in Dallas.

Enjoy your Spring weekend. (Good luck springing forward.



Fabulous Friday 2023, VI, VII, VIII & IX

Happy mid week! I tried to get this written Friday but WordPress made some app changes so it took me til now to get it switched over.

March and welcome to all the spring blooms! Here is basically a recap of February.

I ended January and started February with a cold. It’s been a while since one took me out that badly. I even called into work which is rare for me.

The rest of February was jam packed with travel.

I went to Miami to help my sister and BIL with my niece while my sister was at a conference. We found the time to play and have some good food.

I managed to squeeze in a few days of work. Ryan and I had a low key Valentine’s. We both worked and I left him a big bag of gummy bears on the counter.

One of my ranunculus was thriving but most looked dead like the other pictured. My daffodils are coming in and so are some peonies. Hopefully they stayed strong in all my travels. Has anyone set up a drip system? I need step by step instructions.

What a fun end to February. We took our niece and goddaughter to California. We went to Muir Woods, Monterey Bay for whale watching, drove down PCH through Big Sur, then the last day did a quick speed through some San Fran highlights. It was chilly and the whales were not as plentiful as we hoped but we still had a blast.

This week I’ve been playing with my niece in Dallas. We have taken walks, had tickle sessions (she signs for “more” tickles), cooked soup, and read books!

I went to Hobby Lobby to get some diamond art 40% off but hit the jackpot as much of it was clearance priced. Luckily I have a checked bag that I brought some things here that will stay here so I can put them in the checked bag for the flight home.

February contained some good reads. The Starless Sea was great. I enjoyed The Art of Racing in the Rain WAY more than I anticipated. Verity was suspenseful and good and dark, not my usual cup of tea but I enjoyed it. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow has gotten good reviews around the internet and although I’m not into gaming (and I can’t honestly even pin point what made it so good) but it was a winner as well.

A pilot looped a plane around so both sides could see the Northern Lights, that is pretty cool!

Grateful for travel and fun and also for that getting to sleep in your own bed feeling. Grateful for the opportunity and financial ability to take our niece and goddaughter on an incredible trip. Grateful that my 19 month old niece still loves to snuggle with Tate and her giggles as she asks for more tickles. Also grateful for our Whalefie. (A selfie with a whale) see below!

Happy Midweek!



Fabulous Friday 2023, IV & V

Happy weekend and happy February!

Not much going on here. Work, rainy days, I contracted a cold that had me down and out most of this past week.

I did try some fun new nails, they are giving me Space and Zenon vibes.

Our garage door got a new motor so now it opens and closes with the remote rather than trying to run and jump over the sensors and under the door. I’m sooooo excited.

All the rain, so much rain. It’s depressing. Also I want to go check on my baby flowers. They are covered with frost cloth and under the green house tent to protect them from all the rain/root rot.

January reads. Yes I count audiobooks as reading I know some people don’t. I forgot to add stars to my favorites but pretend there’s a star on the first two. The Aubrey Gordon book was also fascinating and taught me somethings I didn’t know about minorities and weight and health.

We saw Hamilton! So well written. Also it rained as we walked to the car and drove home. Sooo much rain, so much cold.

I tired a new soup recipe to deal with the cold. It wasn’t as tasty as our beloved “Ian’s soup” aka Zuppa Toscana. I also made it when I couldn’t taste so seasoning could have been off so maybe it didn’t get a fair shot. There also for obvious not feeling well reasons was no homemade bread to accompany the soup like almost as we lay accompanies “Ian’s soup”.

Lots of good FaceTimes with this little firecracker who discovered Tatie’s bathroom drawer at her house. She apparently applied a cuticle pusher like lipstick and used an eyelash brush to dust the details of this chair.

Grateful for cold, cozy days; garage remotes, and fresh new babies-especially ones related to me.



Fabulous Friday 2023, III

Happy weekend!

I did some garden work this week. The daffodils are peaking through and the ranunculus are struggling but hopefully they will persevere.

I was hoping these would be a bit more blue/purple mermaid shift but they are still pretty, just more green than I thought.

We had game night tonight with our friends. Luce and I practiced reading.

We had two good salads for dinners this week. Buffalo chicken and rotisserie chicken with peri peri sauce.

I FaceTimed with my M girl this week a bunch because being put on call at work and being home alone sometimes messes with my brain. Em and I also talked via Marco Polo and I’m so glad I thought to have her download the app for us to try.

Hope your weekend brings what you need, rest, joy, laughter, peace, fun, etc.

Grateful for sunny days, peeps of promises to come in the garden and friends with littles who brighten my day.

Happy Weekend!



Fabulous Friday 2023, II

Happy weekend! Two weeks into 2023!

I worked on planting my little plant baby ranunculus into their permanent homes this week. Tonight I tucked them in for the cold weather!

I have some fun travel to see people and places I love soon. I got these from Etsy for a fraction of the “designer” price. I can not wait to use them on our upcoming travels.

This little love had started to say RyRy over and over and over and over again when we are FaceTimeing. The past two days I had to tell her RyRy is at work. It’s so fun because her words and babbles made it seem like she legitimately asked “where’s RyRy and How’s RyRy” today. I said we will be sure to FaceTime tomorrow so you can see your RyRy.

Despite me teaching her to say TaTa then Tate at a very young age I feel like she is on using the word Tate strike although my sister tells me she says it to them. Maybe I should put RyRy on the phone and see if she asks for Tate.

It seems my experiment of finding a fruit recipe to put on cottage cheese worked out. I like the Daisy brand for texture but I do love a peach topping. I don’t love all the plastic bits and pieces to the individual fruit/cheese cups. So I wanted to make my own. I used frozen peaches, lemon juice, a bit of sugar and cooked it on the stove top. I used the immersion blender to purée. Pretty tasty, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

I took down the Real Christmas tree last week as the words fire hazard flashed in my mind every time I looked at it. This beauty is still up and technically the only directly related Christmas ornament is the sandman. So I removed it and I might leave the ocean tree up for infinity.

Grateful for a good long phone call with a friend this week, the safety of the 70 children that were at a daycare when a tornado hit their building in Alabama this week (the building is destroyed but one baby had a scratch, that’s it!!), the days I get to go to work so I can have the money and flexibility to see the people I love.

Happy weekend! Stay cozy!



Fabulous Friday 2023, I

Happy first Friday of 2023!

I wrapped up 2022 watching football with a view of the Christmas Tree while snuggling a baby.

Sadly later in the week I took down the Christmas tree because it was starting to be a little crispy.

I made some bread that rose too much in the oven but was nonetheless delicious.

Took many walks outside this week soaking up the beautiful weather.

New Years Nails. Sparkly and fun.

Happy 2023 and happy weekend!



Fabulous Friday 2022, L

Happy weekend! And Happy Holidays!

We had a wind week with my family visiting from Texas. We celebrated Christmas and I got lots of quality time in with my niece. It’s been about six weeks since I saw her and I feel like she has grown so much. I did some pre house guest shopping at TJs.

We decorated Christmas cookies with friends while grazing on a cheese board. Had Christmas breakfast for dinner. Celebrated mama’s birthday. Miller and I took a couple of neighborhood strolls. We also went to LA to visit family there.

Santa’s elves have been hard at work the past few weeks. Dying rice for a ocean themed sensory bin and also building a puzzle board. Why buy a puzzle board when we could spend double to triple the money on supplies plus the time of making one ourselves!

Wishing you and yours the best holiday season.



Grateful for time with family despite working Christmas, M snuggles, and cooler festive weather.

Fabulous Friday 2022, XLIV

Happy great football weekend! I’m so excited about the games tomorrow.

I worked on some crafts this week. This little pumpkin is becoming a turkey.

I turned my caramel bars into a caramel apple situation. They were good but missing a little something.

Mermaid Nurse Tate spent Halloween with the cutest babes around.

More craft time working on MM’s Christmas present.

I’m late to the game BUT Marcus Mumford has a new album out. Oh gosh. So good. Trigger warning, sexual abuse. The album is heavy and hard but it’s also healing and beauty. Listen to it in order. I used to just shuffle around or listen to the popular or favorite songs but in the past year I have learned listen to it in order. The artist puts thought into the order and you know that makes so much sense. I mean I’ve listen to it 2.5 times all the way through since yesterday morning. Grace, Go in Light and Dangerous Game are my favorites.

FaceTimed with this precious babe. Her words are really picking up. Today she said RyRy. She called me a puppup which honestly is high praise from her.

Teddy and I got in three weight sessions this week. Gold stars for us!

Em started her new school this week so please continue to send her all the love and prayers as she continues to navigate everything.

This light up gingerbread house door mat is so adorable. Y’all know I love anything gingerbread. I don’t need it. I don’t even walk in the front door and neither does anyone else but it sure is adorable.

Grateful for phones to connect me to the people I love, fall temps/feels, and nights with good sleep.

Have a wonderful weekend. Really savor that coffee/tea/soft drink this weekend.

Roll Tide!



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