Loving Lately: Happy New Year

Happy 2018. The older I get the more I love the fresh start of a New Year. A renewed sense of excitement for a year ahead full of possibilities. If you haven’t thought about your goals or maybe just have not started what you intended, do not be discouraged. January 1st is in reality no more special than any other day. You can use any day, hour, minute or second to declare a fresh start and conquer your dreams. But yet there is something magical and refreshing about a New Year. I hope you have the day to reflect back on where you have been and dream of where you are going. May 2018 bring you love, hope, courage, strength and wellness.

As a New Year rolls in we all make grand plans to keep us happier, healthier and wealthier in the new year. Here are some tools and products to help. The key is they are no good tucked away. You have to use them and use them often!

Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner I adore this planner and have been using the daily version for a couple of years now. Emily also has a blog and an Instagram which are full of information to simply and start 2018 on a good note.

Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets is a goal setting workbook and progress tracking tool by Lara Casey. Again she has a blog and her team have wonderful resources for goal setting and chasing your dreams.

Val Marie Paper Prayer Journal I linked the yearly but the undated 6 month journals fit perfectly in the pocket of the Simplified Planners.

Paperblanks make some beautiful journals. I ordered a fresh one for a cleans start this year. I am going to attempt to journal more to track my thoughts, feelings, and goals this year. A wonderful way to check progress and continue to grow.

Three15 My favorite workout studio in Homewood.

If you want to get more water in Swell and HydroFlask bottles are my favorite.

I am a fan of the Whole30 Program and I plan to complete another round early this year.

Check your local library for access to great books. I have created my 2018 reading list and already placed some title on hold. Jefferson County Alabama has one of the best system ever. I imagine other places do as well. You have one library card to access any library in the county. You can go online request items and they will be delivered to your preferred location within a few days if available. Also, they have free checkouts of audio and ebooks through Hoopla. Check into this great service if you are local or check your library for a similar service.

in reality you don’t need any fancy planners, just a pen, paper and some time spent with your mind, heart and soul thinking and dreaming. Thursday I will be sharing my 2018 goals and a peak into my Powersheets. Check back then. One of my intentions this year is to check in once a month to share my action steps progress for that month and the ones I plan to do in the coming month. I am hoping that will hold me more accountable.

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