Fabulous Friday, XIII

Well this month has flown by. In a rush of celebrations, work and beaches.

Loved partying up 31 with these loves.

We spent sometime at my favorite place on earth. This mermaid’s heart belongs here. The time wasn’t quite long or peaceful enough. I already want to go back.

New hairs! I still kept my purple and teal but went back darker with a splash of blonde. Loving it. But wish my hair would grow longer. Of course it is as long as it has ever been.

I have been playing with Beautycounter’s new blush, highlighters, bronzers and eye shadows. It’s so fun to play with different colors. If you want to come try them out let me know.

I made this new recipe from Just Jessie B. It was delightful and made great breakfast leftovers.

Hung out with this girlie this week. I was taking a bath and opened the door to find her waiting here on the other side. So sweet and yet so smothering. I know I’ll miss these days.

Watching my little lemon tree grow. Fingers crossed I don’t kill it!

Happy Weekend Friends! I hope you enjoy. I can’t believe how long this week even today has been. I hope your weekend is filled with the things Summer dreams are made of. Planning some market time and relaxation around here. Oh yeah, some cleaning and stalking the mail for my Nordie sale packages.


Loving Lately: Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break is almost here. Summer wont be too far behind. Here are some of my favorite essentials for fun times in the sun.

Hayden Reis tote. I have had one for a few years. We use it as our pool or beach bag. I love that its wipe-able and waterproof.

A safer sunscreen that’s easy to apply to little ones? Beautycounter’s sunscreen stick.

Lilly Pulitzer Swim. Yes, please.

Swell Bottles keep your water or other drinks cold for 24 hours.

Mermaid Beach Towel.

Wave Ring. If I had a tattoo it would look like this.

What are your must haves?

I thought I would try something new this week. Click the picture to be taken to the website. I nearly made my head explode trying to figure out how to make a gallery with embedded links, as I think they look nicer. I tired the plugins and everything but could not figure it out. Picture credit to the websites that I linked, except of course the picture of me.

This month I am challenging everyone to a little self love. The challenge is to pick one beauty or household product and replace it with a safer version. For make up and beauty needs you can check out my Beautycounter page. But it does not have to be a Beautycounter product, just pick one thing start small, start somewhere. If you are interested in Beautycounter products I would love to send you some samples.
Brooklinen Luxe Sheets. We just ordered these sheets this past week. I’ll update when we have used them a few times.












My new favorite kombucha. Big Easy Bucha.
Pizzeria GM just opened in West Homewood and it is everything you dreamed.












One of my favorite podcast per a friend’s recommendation. I go through cycles of listening to podcast, books or music when driving around town.
Amika Dry Shampoo. I have tried them all just about and this one, hands down every time is the one I come back to.













One of my goals is to meditate and the Calm app helps me do that.


Aerial Yoga. I tired this with a friend mainly just because she asked. But now I am in love.

Loving Lately: February 5, 2018


I took an Aerial Yoga class with a friend this weekend. I think I am hooked.

The Shine Project Love T-shirt

I can not wait for the Olympics to start this week.

I am currently reading Jamie Ivey’s book, If You Only Knew, so far I really like it.

Frontier Airlines is having a special on some flights, like ATL to Orlando. I mean for that price we have to go right.

I can not wait to watch the Super Bowl Sunday This is Us episode.

I am loving Ed Sheeran and his tunes recently.

My new favorite bucha made in New Orleans. You can find it at the Publix on Greensprings if you are local to Birmingham.

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