Happy November 2019!

Hi friends! Just a goal update. Yall are my accountability to a degree. I got most things done in October. Most importantly I got and started my new job.

For November, I am focusing on finishing the year out strong by participating in the Hollis Co Last Ninety Days and savoring the season.

I start nightshift after the first of the year so I am trying to get the house in tip top shape by cleaning out the deep freeze, clothes, decluttering etc. As well as get a good meal planning system going. The past two weeks I have used the Cook Once, Eat All Week cookbook. The batch cooking seems to work well. I do want to work on developing some with our favorite meals. It is nice not to eat the same thing over and over, I often feel we do. But also it is nice to have a week of solid, good go tos.

October Celebrations:

  1. Cleaned out deep freeze.
  2. Read 4 books.
  3. No Diet Coke!!! I did it 30 days free. Definitely will have it as a treat but not everyday.
  4. Ordered our Italy trip book from Artifact Uprising.
  5. Got a job.
  6. Ordered my 2020 Powersheets.
  7. Refreshed the garden. Planted some Spring blooming bulbs, Hostas, added dirt.
  8. Organized the bathroom closet.
  9. Yoga or walk. I clocked 870 ish minutes of exercise this month. The job orientation got me off but aiming for more in November.

November Goals:

  1. Reduce sugar.
  2. Set up two savings.
  3. Clean out clothes.
  4. Daily gratitude.
  5. Movement.
  6. Read three books.
  7. Build Em’s doll bed.
  8. Savor the Season. Christmas Tree/ Christmas dishes/ Christmas Cards. Thanksgiving.
  9. Make dental appointment.
  10. Blog. This is writing therapy for me as well as a way to stay connected to family and friends.
  11. Meal plan.
  12. Connect with friends.

December will be here before we know it! Do not forget to slow down, do not over commit and really enjoy this time of year. Cuddle up with a cozy blanket and watch a movie. Connect with a friend.

Those childish things, do them sometimes. They get it right.

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