Riley Kate’s Lovies 2020

In 2017 we lost our baby girl at 13 weeks pregnant. Since then at Christmas we use the money we would have spent on her Christmas gifts on random and some not so random acts of love. We also do the same thing around her would maybe have been birthday.

This year I made 6 “Santa” big zip locks of snacks and essentials to leave downtown. I sent a few turtle sea creature masks to people we love, sent a happy mail, left some happies around town and the area.

I hope we were able to spread some love and light. Our girl definitely brought love and light into our life and we are here to ensure her light forever burns. Mommy and Daddy love you sweet baby. You are full of magic and sparkles.

Merry, merry. We hope you had a splendid cozy Christmas with your Covid safe pod.

Happy Thanksgiving

Loves, here we are the first big event in a season of love, celebration and gathering your people. A season that can amplify the empty arms and longing in your heart. Whether you are still waiting on your miracle babe or your in the grief of losing your baby (no matter if it’s been days, months or year ago) or you are aching for your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparents, family and friends. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”

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