Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2018

Last week we attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It is my favorite. Of course I am head elf so it is easy to love since we are combining Disney and Christmas.

We headed into the park a little before 4. With a party ticket guest can enter the Magic Kingdom at 4 pm without a separate park ticket. Often times they start letting people in a few minutes early. We grabbed our wrist bands and headed to the right towards the street behind Main Street. Here you can grab a cookie and exclusive photo opportunities. 

We grabbed three Fastpasses. I have read some people have a hard time getting Fastpass with party tickets but we have not had a problem. You do have to strategically time them to fit in three. For example, Ryan’s Space Mountain was 305-405 use that grace period! Then we moved up the times of our other Fastpasses. 

Around 6 they start clearing the park. They will ask to see your party arm band while you are getting into ride lines and walking around the park. It took til about seven for the crowds to decrease. 

We grabbed a front row  Main Street spot for the first parade around 7 or 715ish We literally grabbed the last front row spot. Ryan took the big girls to eat while Amy and the little girls held our spot with me. Amy and her family ate while waiting for the parade and holding our spot. Ryan and the big girls brought me my food. After I ate we did some shopping in the stores on Main Street. The Christmas parade is my all time favorite. It is magical and smells like cookies, for real. 

Amy and her family left after the parade. If you have big kids who can hang I recommend doing the later parade and riding rides during the first parade. We ran and did the cars after the first parade then grabbed a spot for fireworks. Fireworks and parades at Disney trump rides in my mind but my little ride loving family disagrees. 

The girls grabbed cookies and snow cones. There are stations set up throughout the park with special cookies and drinks that are included in your party admission. The ginger molasses cookie and eggnog is one of my favorites. They definitely had more variety this year than two years ago when we went. There was chilled cider, hot coco, snow cones, mini soft pretzels and different cookies. 

Holiday Wishes was spectacular as always and reminded me how much I miss regular Wishes, not that Happily Ever After is not great in its own way. 

After Holiday Wishes we tried to rush back to Mine Train but the line was crazy so we did tea cups the Mine Train. We stood in line for about  30 minutes the first time, which as many of you know is short compared to normal. The girls wanted to circle back again to do Mine Train as their last thing. We did and spent about 20 ish minutes in line that time. When we left the wait was back up to 45 mins already because the second parade had just finished.

We took our time leaving the park, taking some photo opportunities. I do recommend leaving the park a few before midnight if you are using the Disney buses, monorail, or boats. The lines get long at closing. Or if your family can hang even later, then get in line for one last ride about 10 minutes before park closing and in order to let the transportation crowds clear out and you will have some magical pictures with less people in them. 

Fabulous Friday, XXV

We spent the past week in Disney! Oh what fun.

We visited Hollywood Studios on Saturday. Our friends joined us for Epcot on Sunday. Monday we played in the Magic Kingdom. Tuesday we partied with Mickey and friends at the Christmas party. Wednesday we went to Sea World for the first time.

Thursday we flew home exhausted and with full hearts. Look for a post on our trip soon. Back to the real world now.

Here are a few of my favorite Disney shops.

Aloha Ears

Imaginex Ears

Pixie Lee & Co

Pretty Little Monograms

Bibbidi Bobbidi Bling

Bibbidi Bobbidi Brooke

Mouse on Mainstreet

Magical Monograms

Lucky Rabbit Supply Co

Walt Disney World: Spring 2018

img_1414Ryan and I took an extended weekend escape to Disney World a couple of weeks ago. It was just what we needed to relax and have some magical fun together. We enjoyed two days in the Magic Kingdom and one day at Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival with a day of resting in between. we flew Frontier out of ATL for an amazing price. We stayed at the Baymont Inn close to Disney but not on property and took Lyft or Uber for all of our transportation needs.


Magic Kingdom

We spent Thursday and a rainy Sunday in the Magic Kingdom. We rode all of our favorites. I also did Splash Mountain for the first time. It was not as terrible as I thought but I definitely did not love it.

Thursday we ate at various places around the park. We had for the first but CERTAINLY not the last a cat tail from Chershire Cafe. How have we not had these before? It’s a chocolate pastry braid but also has a buttery swirl.  We had our standard go to Sleepy Hallow Waffle sandwiches while we rested on the Hub grass waiting for Happily Ever After.

We decided to skip Saturday in the parks to keep our ticket prices down, crowd control and so Ryan’s foot would have a break. Our in between day we spent having Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian, resting and our favorite dinner at Ohana. I dream about those dumplings.

Call me ordinary but I as many times as we have been to Disney, this castle view in the afternoon light gets me every time.


Sunday night we had Be Our Guest for dinner. We have not had dinner here in three years and I wanted to try it before the pre fixed menu starts this summer. We did dine in the West Wing for the first time. Honestly, I don’t know if the newest has worn off but it just was not what it was a few years ago. We split the cheese plate, bisque and grilled strip steak. Although the cheese was good I feel like the portions were comically small. Maybe I am just not used to ordering cheese plates since I am a master at cheese plates creations at home.






Our recent trip was during the Flower and Garden Festival. We were here during Em’s birthday three years ago but it was our first rodeo. I do not feel like we aptly made use of all the festival had to offer then. I love all the beautiful blossoms and topiaries around Epcot but I also love the special outdoor kitchens.


We usually enter through the almost always empty entrance to World Showcase. This time we noticed the new travel system, Skyliner, station being built I am unsure how that volume will effect the almost always non existent lines at this entrance. We also saw what we think is construction on the new Ratatouille ride in France. We rode this ride at Disneyland Paris and loved it.

We grabbed breakfast at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in France. We finished the day grabbing pastries to go to the next mornings breakfast, along with everyone else. Honestly, I have never seen it so busy as before 9 pm trying to grab things to go. But a macaron and pastries for breakfast the next morning well worth it.


We rode all the usuals: Soarin’ I think we rode about four times all with Fast Passes and we finally got to sit on the top row, Test Track we just did once because Ryan felt it jerked his foot too much, Frozen Ryan is an ace at scoring us this FastPass later in the day, Mexico, Nemo, Turtle Talk, The Land which I feel like is one of the more underrated rides at Disney, and Mission Space Green I enjoyed the updated graphics.


We snacked around the world all day for our meals. We took advantage of the Outdoor Kitchens. We did go with a few old favorites such as the Cheddar soup in Canada and we tried the Schnitzel from Germany. Below are the special Flower and Garden offerings we tried. I could have overdosed on Violet Lemonades and I would have been ok with that.

We are hoping to head back with friends in December so I better get my work on. I hope you are having a Magical Day wherever life finds you today.



Disney World Resorts

Places to Stay

Disney’s Resorts have unparalleled theming and service. One of my favorite things about some of the Disney Resorts is there smell. Yes you read that right for example the lobby of Disney’s Beach Club smells like the beach. No lie. If you have the money to afford to stay on property do it. We prefer to stay off property to be able to afford to go more. But for big special trips we will stay on property. Continue reading “Disney World Resorts”

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