Fabulous Friday 2023, XII

Happy weekend! We are in for some rough weather tonight. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m going to try to nap before it gets here.

A tiny sprout on the First Day of Spring.

Finally got some good jars for my bath salts. I like to take fancy bath salts and mix with regular epsom salt to stretch them a little further.

Watched this sweet girl play softball earlier in the week. It was chillier than I expected. She had a great hit and scored!

Today I’ve been sad and anxious, so I took my own advise-sunshine and fresh air. We explored the area around the UA arboretum a bit.

This podcast is about weight loss but I think it’s so helpful for negative self talk regardless of what context and for getting stuff done in life. Warning she does use explicit language but the content is excellent.

Finished another diamond art, good thing I have PLENTY that I bought on sale to pick my next one from. It really helps alleviate some focus on my worries. The repetition is soothing.

Grateful for payday, rain to water our gardens, a husband who tolerates my anxiety, and Alabama’s run as a basketball school.

Stay safe and weather aware. Sending comfort and love to those effected on MS.



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