Fabulous Friday 2023, XI

Happy Weekend! We are wrapping up astronomical Winter and moving on to Spring soon.

I took the latest cold weather spell to make homemade bread and soup.

I copied these nails from a group I am in on Facebook and I LOVED them.

Ry and I spent last weekend in Fairhope with Emilee. We had some seafood, played mini golf (which of us was the only one to get a hole in one…me!!), visited with friends who were on Spring Break, watched Bake Squad, and took care of her sick pup. We got baby Miller and the baby cousin twins, a baby sea turtle toy in FL last year on our turtle trip, and we happened to find one for BuBu this trip.

Some seeds tucked in and hopefully growing! Holding the flowers in for a few more days since temps are dipping below freezing at night,

Grateful for cozy nights, Dogwood flowers, a flexible job that allows me time to travel and spend time with the ones I love.

Happy weekend. Snuggle up with the ones your love for a cozy night this weekend before we transition to hot, hot, hot here in the South.



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