Fabulous Friday 2023, X

Happy weekend!

I finished up my adventures with my niece during the first part of the week. We went to the Arboretum which I keep wanting to call the Botanical Gardens. We also went to the Immersive Monet exhibit. I gave her bookshelves a Spring refresh. We bought our cousin, Embug a prize at the gardens.

I slept basically all day Wednesday. I did manage to get my hair done, workout and pick up groceries but that’s about it.

Im sad my ranunculus didn’t fair well. I honestly think they got too wet and rotted. The avocado tree is about to blossom. Im hoping to figure out a drip irrigation system I can install that run in between my flower pots for this summer. I love to garden but often travel too much to maintain it well sometimes. Most if my plants are in the Greenstalk or pots for ease of moving.

Couldn’t resist these beauties.

Grateful for my own bed, my workout buddy and a short direct flight to the people I love in Dallas.

Enjoy your Spring weekend. (Good luck springing forward.



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