Fabulous Friday 2023, II

Happy weekend! Two weeks into 2023!

I worked on planting my little plant baby ranunculus into their permanent homes this week. Tonight I tucked them in for the cold weather!

I have some fun travel to see people and places I love soon. I got these from Etsy for a fraction of the “designer” price. I can not wait to use them on our upcoming travels.

This little love had started to say RyRy over and over and over and over again when we are FaceTimeing. The past two days I had to tell her RyRy is at work. It’s so fun because her words and babbles made it seem like she legitimately asked “where’s RyRy and How’s RyRy” today. I said we will be sure to FaceTime tomorrow so you can see your RyRy.

Despite me teaching her to say TaTa then Tate at a very young age I feel like she is on using the word Tate strike although my sister tells me she says it to them. Maybe I should put RyRy on the phone and see if she asks for Tate.

It seems my experiment of finding a fruit recipe to put on cottage cheese worked out. I like the Daisy brand for texture but I do love a peach topping. I don’t love all the plastic bits and pieces to the individual fruit/cheese cups. So I wanted to make my own. I used frozen peaches, lemon juice, a bit of sugar and cooked it on the stove top. I used the immersion blender to purée. Pretty tasty, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

I took down the Real Christmas tree last week as the words fire hazard flashed in my mind every time I looked at it. This beauty is still up and technically the only directly related Christmas ornament is the sandman. So I removed it and I might leave the ocean tree up for infinity.

Grateful for a good long phone call with a friend this week, the safety of the 70 children that were at a daycare when a tornado hit their building in Alabama this week (the building is destroyed but one baby had a scratch, that’s it!!), the days I get to go to work so I can have the money and flexibility to see the people I love.

Happy weekend! Stay cozy!



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