Fabulous Friday 2022, XLIV

Happy great football weekend! I’m so excited about the games tomorrow.

I worked on some crafts this week. This little pumpkin is becoming a turkey.

I turned my caramel bars into a caramel apple situation. They were good but missing a little something.

Mermaid Nurse Tate spent Halloween with the cutest babes around.

More craft time working on MM’s Christmas present.

I’m late to the game BUT Marcus Mumford has a new album out. Oh gosh. So good. Trigger warning, sexual abuse. The album is heavy and hard but it’s also healing and beauty. Listen to it in order. I used to just shuffle around or listen to the popular or favorite songs but in the past year I have learned listen to it in order. The artist puts thought into the order and you know that makes so much sense. I mean I’ve listen to it 2.5 times all the way through since yesterday morning. Grace, Go in Light and Dangerous Game are my favorites.

FaceTimed with this precious babe. Her words are really picking up. Today she said RyRy. She called me a puppup which honestly is high praise from her.

Teddy and I got in three weight sessions this week. Gold stars for us!

Em started her new school this week so please continue to send her all the love and prayers as she continues to navigate everything.

This light up gingerbread house door mat is so adorable. Y’all know I love anything gingerbread. I don’t need it. I don’t even walk in the front door and neither does anyone else but it sure is adorable.

Grateful for phones to connect me to the people I love, fall temps/feels, and nights with good sleep.

Have a wonderful weekend. Really savor that coffee/tea/soft drink this weekend.

Roll Tide!



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