Fabulous Friday 2022, LI-LIII

Happy Friday! Although no Bama football this weekend makes it feel less like a weekend.

I spent the middle of October in Dallas and Denver with my sister and her family. Miller and I went to storytime which was ignored in favor of the puppup in front of us. Spencer’s parents took us to the Texas State Fair. We celebrated Claire’s birthday with a cowgirl rhinestone party and a spiced cake with apple persevere filling and a cinnamon buttercream, homemade by me of course. We then went to Denver to celebrate more birthday and Claire & Spencer’s anniversary. The leaves were beautiful and we ate at Safta which as always was one of the best meals. Miller and I then headed come for Camp Tate!

Em joined us for Camp Tate. We went to the UA pep rally, visited the park a few times, had a football party, snuggled, visited friends, shopped, carved mini pumpkins, went to the farmers market, played, and baked homemade bread.

Tate was (still is 😂) exhausted but full of love.

My attempt at glazed doughnut nails.

My porch flowers are looking great!

Happy weekend! Do something good for yourself!



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