Fabulous Friday 2022, XL

Phew, it’s been a while. Ryan and I had a great vacation mid September to Canada. And then we needed to wrap some people we love dearly in extra love. It’s been a hard to watch someone you love most in the world experience a tragedy and not be able to save them from it. It’s not mine to share but if you know us well enough to know please continue to send your love, comfort, peace and prayers to our family-by-love.

Now for a brief overview of the weeks of September.

More on our 9th anniversary trip coming soon. But we had a lovely time whale watching on the St Lawrence and diving into history in Quebec City as lastly exploring the culinary arts in Montreal.

This week I’ve been working on some projects around the house. Like you know continuing to unpack from our spring move. 🙄 reorganizing the pantry. I also finally put up this paper in our kitchen display cabinet. Also, added a little fall to the house.

The weather has been mostly delightful lately. Ryan and I took a walk one day before lunch.

A few smatterings from the past few weeks. This year’s Christmas Jammies. Football weekends and football snacks. Packed some lunches, veggies and cookie dough bites for my Em. Anna and I had to take a trip during the Alabama game because I got too anxious. Fall. Hummingbird visitors. FaceTimes with M. Watched Anna’s softball game. Finally made it to Ems band night after a disaster with my car keys. Fun nails.

My new shirt. Tate is my favorite title/job/privilege in the world.

Grateful for friends-especially the ones that support you in the hard times, Fall candles, cooler weather, vacation, Football Saturdays, football snacks, and FaceTimes.

Happy weekend!



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