Fabulous Friday 2020, VIII

The beginning of the week found us finishing out a long work stretch but early mid week we were at the most magical place on Earth.

We took our nephew. His sister got to go one time when Em was with us. We had a wonderful time but most things were not enough thrill for him.

We did magically get a free cupcake. We also scored a Rise of the Resistance boarding group and road mid day. No spoilers but it was good…it didn’t top my fav at Disney but it was really cool.

We also scored two fastpasses for Smugglers Run because Ryan makes the fast pass magic happen. Emory was excited to be pilot. He improved the second time.

Definitely excited about our own beds.

I am trying to get a handle on this meal planning deal. I found some good resources like these lunch ideas. And these pantry meal ideas.

We stayed in a different place this time, a condo. More on that in my upcoming Disney update.

I am in love with Cinderella’s Castle royal makeover. I can’t wait to see it.

Hoping my daffodils and ranunculus survived the cold snap while we were gone.

Happy weekend!



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