Happy October!

Dear 2019, where did you go?

Finally after some time settling in, diving back into my Powersheets and goals.

Back to my areas of focus-Spiritual Light, Physical Well Being, Emotional Strength, Connections, Life-giving Home, and Financial Prosperity. Obviously there is definitely overlap.

This month I am focusing in building some good habits during the last 90 days of 2019. I bought The Hollis Co’s Last 90 Days journal. I am excited to try it out.

Heads up Artifact Uprising is having a Fall Book Sale, 20% off. Printing our Italy trip is on my list. So if printing photo books is on your agenda, grab them during a sale. The books I buy are the layflat option. Its expensive but I expect them to last for generations. Also I have gone back and forth with the price tag being worth it but memories and documentation is so important I decided for now it is worth it.

Ive got some cleaning/house keeping on the list. Deep freezer, bathroom. I managed to do the pantry in August and just finished by bedside table up today. I also am working on making a list of cleaning items to laminate so I can write the dates on them. Things less obvious than the floors, dishes or laundry, such as fans, air filters, guest bedsheets, pantry, etc.

I also plan to do a Fall garden refresh. Although the weather seems not close to Fall. All of our travel had my zinnias drying out. I already got started pulling up the old flowers and ordered some fall planting bulbs so progress already!

Get a job. Job interview also completed. So more progress already!

Read three books. Books give me so much joy. I am always looking for recommendations! Read any good ones lately? Im not super into mystery or suspense. Too much bad stuff going on in the real world to fun read about people being killed.

Aiming to try to get meal planning mastered. I havent seemed to ever get in a routine with this. Especially if I will be starting a night shift job.

Yoga or walk every day. I have been working on more physical activity over the last two months. I am proud to say I slayed September. My counselor and I are working on this. Breaking the mindset that it is all or nothing. Ten minutes counts! No Diet Coke.

Also saving this because so often we feel (or I feel) its hard to remember the success or good things or feel like I could have done more, I could have done better. Well pretty proud of this movement in September! Retraining my brain to think 10 minutes of movement is good. It does not have to be thirty minutes to be good or worth it. A few minutes added up to 1,189 minutes of activity this month! Whooo!

What are you hoping to do to enhance your life this month? Best wishes!

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