Hello 32

You know me I am all about documenting and making list. I wanted to reflect on 31 a little. It is easy to keep looking for the next great thing instead of what has happened.

Its also easy to chalk up a year to being “bad” because the things (like life) have been hard or challenging. For example especially due to these stomach problems lately I could push 31 into a bad year or sick year. So I wanted to sit down and list out some good and true things, in no particular order.

  • Spent celebrating *almost 31 birthday on a boat with my humans
  • Moved to Beaufort
  • Became a turtle lady
  • Trip Disney at Christmas
  • Trip Disney at the end of June
  • 5th Anniversary trip to Greece
  • Sold our house
  • Was a complete badass and got our house on the market despite some major headaches
  • Made two craft dream Disney ears
  • Had gallbladder removed
  • Taught myself to make homemade cinnamon rolls
  • Tried yoga
  • Saw a mama turtle lay a nest x 2
  • Saw Hamilton
  • Spent some good weeks with Em
  • Quit my job as a NICU nurse
  • Started my summer Sabatical
  • Saw The Struts in concert
  • Trip to Dallas
  • Saw Mumford and Sons in concert
  • Built raised beds
  • Planted a garden
  • Trip to Maine
  • Visited Hattiesburg
  • Made some good flower arrangements
  • Downsized our stuff

Here is to 32. Im dreaming of roots, community, friends, finding an avenue for some love in my heart, writing, growing, wellness, adventure, Disney and a whole lot of love along the way.

I want to look back next year and say I created magic and I found joy in the mundane. I loved my people big, loud and well but also in the small, quiet too. I read 52 books. I wrote, it doesnt have to be big or fancy or published but a I got a little fiction ish tucked in my heart and some good and true truths as well. I soaked up the salt life. I spent my money on the things that make you richer, memories. I traveled. I held a live baby sea turtle and gave it an air kiss and Em was with me. I took Em to see her first mama sea turtle on the beach and it was as Holy and as beautiful as we dreamed.

I focused on the the things and actions that I hope people will talk about when I die. My legacy. Loving well. Like whoa loving people was her super power. Living life, no matter the sun or storm, truly living it. Taking control and not going through the motions of letting life happen to you but truly living it.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Yall know how to make a girl feel loved.

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