Fabulous Friday, XXII

Happy, happy weekend.Ryan and I have a long one together so it feel extra special.This past week I spent some time up in Maine visiting family and sending our girl off to Texas with a bang. We enjoyed sunset cruises, snooze cruises, a polar plunge, wildlife tours, light houses, lobster, water skiing, LLBean and Patagonia shopping, laughs, fresh baked bread lessons and eating, loon sightings, and yummy home cooked meals. Thanks Uncle Steve and Aunt Molly for tour hospitality. We can’t wait to visit again.I’m slowly but surely finding a home for all our things in our tiny house. Hopefully soon it will be time for a house tour.We found the 25 and 26 next on Hunting Island on Tuesday! Go Mamas! We also picked up 101 pieces of trash in our section alone. One stretch of beach. Clean up after yourself people.The racoons got into the trash even with the bungee cords. Maybe we will put two on each can.Memorial Day nails.Lovies.xoxoxo

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