Personal Item Travel Packing Guide

Packing a personal item might be one of my favorite things. It is where I pack essentials for the flight and other things that make our trip more enjoyable.

My personal item is used in flight and also used as our day bag we carry around during sight seeing. I have used the Little Unicorn Ramble Diaper Bag or the Sole Society Susan Purse as my personal bag.

First let’s talk in flight, I stow all my in flight essentials in a smaller, easy grab bag. I pack it for the flight that way I can just keep it in the plane seat pocket.

My grab bag  (from Etsy)  includes Kindle, makeup remover wipes, lip balm, facial moisturizer, a pen, medications, ear phones, small notebook, toothbrush and paste, eye mask, and essential oil wipes. Close by I also have a light jacket/wrap/scarf, water bottle, snacks and travel pillow in my personal item bag stored on the floor.

I have a routine just like going to bed at night. Especially helpful for those overnight international flights. Entertainment like reading or movie, then eat when they serve dinner, remove make up, brush teeth, take meds. Possibly more entertainment time- reading, movie, podcast or music. Then grab some shut eye as best I can. 

Because I pack in a carry on and personal item I don’t keep my make up in my personal item or an extra outfit like you should in case your checked baggage gets lost it delayed. But if you check a bag make sure all your medications, make up and an extra outfit are in your carry on.

Secondly, during our adventures I used my personal item as our day bag. We typically carry a water bottle, jacket/scarf depending on weather, wipes, reusable grocery bags, phone/camera, and medicine like advil etc. Don’t forget those sunglasses.

My most USEFUL travel tip. Wear a money belt. NO EXCEPTIONS. I have one that buckles around my waist. Ryan has one that goes through his belt loop and under his pants. I take my identification, one credit card (this one is different than the one Ryan carries, just a back up) and my debt card separate from the debt card account Ryan carries (again just a back up).  Ryan also carries both our passports in his and I carry both our passport cards in mine. That way is one of us somehow gets compromised or lost we have a completely different backup set.  If we lost one credit card and called to cancel it then I had a copy of the same credit card/account, that would be useless.  We have never had a problem or felt threatened. But I have read too many horror stories from seasoned travelers to not do our best to protect our money and IDs.  Be mindful but not fearful. Assume something will happen. We do not leave our passports in the hotel safe unless there is a rare occasion that we are swimming. We also left my phone in the safe when swimming in case one is stolen on the beach or from the car we have a backup.

We are both wearing ours in the above picture and you can not tell. My bag is safely with our tour guide who snapped this photo. But there is nothing in my bag that matters all to much if it goes missing.

A few of my travel essentials and their uses:

Essential Oil Travel Wipes I keep a few of these around to wipe off airplane surroundings and as needed. They are not too strong or overpowering. 

Compressed Towels Luckily when traveling to Italy I read that there isn’t always toilet paper. I found these great compact paper towels. You just add a drop of water. Great for sticky hands, messes, toilet paper and many other things.

Water Baby Wipes I always have a travel size near by. I guess we are messy.

Sample Jars I use these to pack makeup and skin care to save space when I can. For example things you don’t need much of eye cream, Beautycounter cleansing balm, and exfoliating face wash. 

Reusable Water Bottle I use this in flight and in our day bag. Many places such as Italy have free water stations throughout the city. 

Beautycounter Cleansing Balm great to remove makeup, moisturize or use as cuticle cream. 

Pack-able Reusable Grocery Bags Most  stores over seas charge for grocery bags, plus its just better for the environment hands down. I love these Blu brand. So many cute patterns and they fold up nicely.  They work great for picnic bags, grocery runs, and dirty clothes. We actually do buy groceries, al fresco picnic dining is one of my very favorite things and I feel a grocery store really emerges you into the culture. Plus they have some amazing snacks and interesting finds.

Mole Skin Pre-cut blister prevention.

Glacier Blister Gel Dressing Great for when you fail to prevent blisters.

Zip Lock bags in various sizes. Good for all sorts of things.

Mini Cutting Board I KNOW yall are going to think I am crazy this light packer takes a cutting board. I told you picnics are our jam! All the time. Saves so much money and again soaking up those views and culture. It fits easy in the computer sleeve of my back pack. Sometimes if Ryan checks one bag (we do sometimes especially to bring home wine, oil, etc) then we will pack scissors and a knife or buy a cheap one when we arrive. I actually still have the one we bought in Italy. Cutting board in action in the photos above.

My other favorite travel tip. Do NOT over pack period. Always leave room in your luggage for good wine, olive oil and a real book. Shop local even during your travels. 

What are your favorite travel packing essentials or hacks?

Happy Travels! Adventure is out there explorers.

*Pictures are my own or from website selling the items pictured. 

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