Loving Lately: Riley Kate’s Lovies


This Christmas Season to celebrate Riley Kate’s First Christmas we did an act of love each day in December. Although she is in Heaven with the Birthday Man Himself we wanted to do something this year to honor and celebrate our Riley Kate, while also spreading joy, light and love.  I hope these touched people’s lives and brought love and warmth into their Holidays. Our friends and family also joined in by performing acts of love in her honor as well. Acts of love done by family and friends:

A bath tub, baby formula, and a bassinet donation each donated to a different family in need.

A girl sponsored in her honor with Compassion International.

Layaway of toys for a family with small children and infants paid off.

A donation made to Newborns in Need Charity.

$100 gifted to a friend.

$100 left for people to buy kerosene/gas to keep warm as the cashier saw need to use it.

A goat purchased for a family in Africa through Heifer International.

$100 donated to Malawi Childrens Initiative to feed the hospitalized children’s families for a month.

Starbucks gift card left at drive thru.

$100 gifted to student in financial need.

A sweet friend got Em some JoJo bows.

A little girl’s coat donated in her honor.

Our neighbors gave us a beautiful painted angel for Christmas.

Wow just wow, dears. You have filled my heart and made me remember the true spirit of the season. Thank you for your continued love, support, thoughts, prayers and joy & love you spread in Riley Kate’s honor.

Our 25 Acts of Love

1. Nativity left at TJs buggy

2. Birmingham candy company marshmallows in Belk

3. The Birmingham candy company divinity in a little library in Homewood Park

4. Val Marie Paper journal in the Edgewood area

5. Body Shop gift bag in front of Dreamcakes

6. Holiday soap and ornament in Publix buggy

7. Body Shop gift set in hotel room

8. Soap left in downtown Aiken

9. New Moon Cafe gift card left outside the cafe

10. The Shine Project bracelet left in downtown Aiken map box

11. Package to a family I met through Facebook group that needed a little Christmas magic

12. Paid for dinner for the car behind me at Chick-fil-A

13. Lip gloss set left in buggy at target

14. Paid for car behind us at Dairy Queen

15. Soap and lotion set left on a table at Taziki’s

16. Nativity scene given to man that paid for Em’s kids meal At Chick-fil-A with the cc machine was down

17. Birmingham Candy Company candy left in hotel for the cleaning service

18. Cultivate What Matters Write the Word Journal left at Homewood Library drop box

19. The Birmingham Candy peppermint marshmallows left in downtown Homewood (This one was found by someone who posted and reached out to me on social media. A fellow angel mom. What a privileged)

20. The Shine Project pouch and some goats milk soap left in the buggy at Hobby Lobby

21. Christmas scented lotion and Christmas CD left at Western Market

22. Val Marie Paper Kids prayer journal left in the Little Library at Homewood Cenrtal Park

23. $50 gifted to a mom shopping for presents in the toys on Christmas Eve

24. $100 gifted to a lady shopping for presents on Christmas Eve

25. $100 to a lady shopping for toys for her kids who has been through a very difficult time on Christmas Eve

I truly gained so much joy from giving. Our hope is that some people who found these random acts of love were inspired to slow down, enjoy the season amid the chaos and inspired to pass on some love and hope to others.

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