Loving Lately: Christmas Traditions


The Holiday Season is full of traditions. I do not know if it’s the familiar routine everyone craves or the connection to times past but traditions are an important part of most people’s celebrations. Due to our work schedules and usually traveling to see family at Christmas time, we do not have any set in stone traditions on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day but that is something I would like to try this year yo work into place.

Our tree is not picture, story book perfect with a color scheme and matching ornaments but it is perfect to me. We usually buy Christmas ornaments while on vacation as memories. I can tell you where we got each ornament on our tree whether it was a gift or a trip souvenir we purchased.

Ryan and I have cheese and chocolate fondue one night for dinner. Usually early in the season once the lights are on the Christmas tree and we are working on putting the ornaments on.

When we were first married or maybe even dating we rode around one night looking at Christmas lights while eating pizza in the car. That is something we have carried on since.

We typically attend a Highlands Christmas service at some point. I am excited this year to be attending on Christmas Eve.

Some years but not every we try to go to Callaway Gardens. Ryan proposed here and I adore the Christmas lights. It is something we did a few times when I was little as a family. This year we are celebration Christmas with my Dad’s side of the family here.

My cousins on my mom’s side of the family always had matching Christmas pjs growing up and now that we are adults that is something we still enjoy doing.

Aunt Amy combined gingerbread men decorating traditions of her mother in law and Christmas party traditions of her mom to create her annual Gingerbread party. I have actually had a few myself in the past and this is something I want to focus on incorporating into our lives next Christmas.

It’s not Christmas without my Papa’s Breakfast Casserole. Often if I have to work Christmas Day I will take this to work to share. Ryan loves his mom’s French Toast casserole as well so that is something if we don’t have at his parent’s house will incorporate in as well.

Ryan and I are always traveling on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day so find someone working at a restaurant or gas station and give them a cash gift. We typically do between $100-200. We given one person anywhere between $50-100 so that way we hopefully can bless more than one person.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions and memories.





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